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People with more than 10 sex partners in their lifetime are more likely to get cancer

Psycho and sexo A woman who has had more than 10 sexual partners has a 91% chance of being diagnosed with cancer, compared to those who have had no or only one partner. A new study reveals that the number of sexual partners we have throughout our lives may be linked to the risk of […]

Forcing yourself to smile, the secret to happiness?

Psycho and sexo Happiness could be a state of mind. In any case, several researchers have studied the question. What if making things happen is the key to being happy? Thus, in 1988 researchers had already proven that smiling could influence our mood. To achieve these results, they had two groups of participants read a […]

This is the best day of the week for sex according to a study

Psycho and sexo According to a British study, a day of the week would be particularly suitable for making love. Rather weekend or week? To treat themselves to a day of somersaults, some have their own little rituals and preferences, others operate only on the spontaneity of the moment. Still, it would seem that one […]

What is peaking, the orgasmic technique to test during confinement?

Psycho and sexo We tell you more about this method that allows you to reach orgasm like no other. Reach the top. As the name suggests, this is the ultimate goal of peaking. A method endorsed by sexologists to be tested urgently during this new confinement … and to be adopted for good. Read also> […]

Tinder launches a new feature that will change absolutely everything for your next dates

Psycho and sexo The dating app is preparing to make its “Face to Face” service available all over the world, a live video chat to virtually meet your next date. What if we could go through a virtual observation round before meeting in real life? Tinder, the queen of dating apps, has obviously understood that […]

Self-hypnosis, the solution to fall asleep more easily

Psycho and sexo All techniques are good for peacefully dreaming. You may be one of those people who thinks long hours before falling asleep. To think back to the day that has just passed or to relive moments of the past by imagining how the situation could have turned out if you had acted differently. […]

This method which makes it possible to multiply female pleasure

Psycho and sexo A method that does not require to involve the step of penetration. Have you ever heard of “kunyaza”? This ancestral Rwandan method places female pleasure at the center of the exchange. “Kunyaza” means “to urinate” in Rundi. And this meaning is not trivial, since this practice is based on a Rwandan tradition […]

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