Make Best Homemade Cocktail Sauce | With Nutritional Facts

How To Make Cocktail Sauce Using 5 Simple Incidents According to Wikipedia – Cocktail sauce is one of several types of cold or room temperature sauces often served as part of a dish referred to as a seafood cocktail or as a condiment with other seafoods. The sauce, and the dish for which it is […]

Healthiest Foods To Eat If You Want To Live Over 100 Years

Foods have a critical role in the health of your body. Although you will not feel healthier or have a younger look overnight after eating the right foods, you will notice a difference after some time. When combined with exercises, enough rest and sleep, and proper stress management, the right nutrition will also ensure that […]

Naomi Osaka debuts as Louis Vuitton’s newest brand ambassador

Ace tennis player Naomi Osaka has added a new feather to her cap: she has made her luxury fashion debut as the newest brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Osaka took to Twitter to make the grand announcement, calling it “actually crazy” that she has made it. “Honored to be @LouisVuitton newest House Ambassador. Funny story: […]

This crying man got kicked off a flight for not wearing a face mask, and the video went viral

A viral video from over the weekend showed a man who was kicked off a flight apparently for not wearing a coronavirus face mask. Airlines are increasingly cracking down on people who refuse to wear face masks, at a time when they’re also having to deal with unruly Trump supporters in the wake of last […]

Just because you are successful at 15, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at 19: Rahul Dravid

“Experience is not playing more matches, experience is learning from matches you play. If you play 30 matches, but you don’t learn from them, it is playing the same match 30 times. In these experiences, there are opportunities to learn and memories to make. You may forget the scores, but not the memories of the […]

Children are not mini-adults

– © Illustration (s) by Virginie Maillard – Using her pencil, illustrator Virginie Maillard tenderly explains that it can be unfortunate to interpret all the facts and gestures of your child through adult eyes. The author of the llog Bougribouillons invites us to change of vision and tries to represent what is called adultomorphism. […]

Naked fugitive caught after building a nest in a tree

A fugitive in Australia has been brought to justice after surviving for several days lost in a mangrove swamp surrounded by crocodiles. The man, who was found naked in what is described as a “nest” hanging in a tree just above the waterline, was found by fishermen who happened to be passing by. The man […]

If sick, should you skip your yoga routine? Find out

When one chooses yoga, it is important to understand if you do it for fitness or for spiritual reasons. “Those who practise yoga for fitness reasons on a regular basis, should definitely take a break and rest when they are sick. Depending on the kind of ailments, however, there are various techniques in yoga that […]

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