Healthiest Foods To Eat If You Want To Live Over 100 Years

Foods have a critical role in the health of your body. Although you will not feel healthier or have a younger look overnight after eating the right foods, you will notice a difference after some time. When combined with exercises, enough rest and sleep, and proper stress management, the right nutrition will also ensure that […]

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine would neutralize the new variants of the virus

The German company BioNTech recently claimed that the vaccine developed in partnership with Pfizer was effective against a key mutation found in the coronavirus variants discovered in Britain and South Africa. Preliminary results inviting optimism Administered worldwide, the compound developed by Pfizer-BioNtech is based on the body’s production of the peak coronavirus protein, which it […]

Six different forms of prediabetes identified

– Proxima Studio / For people who have regular medical follow-up, it is quite possible to identify if a person is likely to become diabetic. He was then diagnosed with prediabetes. New research has shown that there are several types of prediabetes and this information is very important to assess the course of the […]

Unprecedented study highlights the many health benefits of brown fat

A large study recently linked the presence of brown fat to improved heart and metabolic health. Work that confirms the hypothesis suggesting that this type of adipose tissue confers broad benefits on health. Tens of thousands of scanners analyzed The body is home to different types of fatty tissue, the most common of which is […]

Two naps a week would halve the risk of cardiovascular disease

A recent study found that taking a nap once or twice a week during the day significantly reduced the risk of stroke and heart attack. However, the study also showed that these benefits did not increase if the nap was taken more often and for longer. There aren’t enough studies on sleep and napping yet […]

WHO to investigate in China to determine the origin of Covid-19

– Robert Way / As of this writing, Covid-19 is still wreaking havoc in the world. Experts from the World Health Organization are currently expected in China to investigate the origin of this disease, which appeared just over a year ago. After these many months have passed, the chances of determining the origin of […]

The most consumed painkiller in the world pushes you to take more risks, according to this study

– fizkes / Often used to treat a headache or in case of fever, paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, also promotes the adoption of risky behaviors according to this work. A drug with little-known psychological effects Conducted by researchers fromOhio State University, this study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience is […]

Eating nuts twice a week would greatly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack

At the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress in September 2019, cardiovascular health experts unveiled their findings. A study presented as part of the event shows that regular consumption of nuts lowers the risk of fatal stroke and heart attack. Nuts are good for you Researchers have emphasized the importance of consuming nuts in reducing […]

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