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Best exercise machines for home | Achieve stronger physique, stay healthy, loose weight and fat, Rack up a more muscular body.

Learn about ft2 functional trainer, weight stacks to do proper gym at home.

Paul Martinelli – “This piece of equipment is excellent. It came packaged in a very easy and well organized way for the person I hired to assemble it for me. The machine is gym quality, the cables operate smoothly, the key selector for the weights is easy to fit into the slots so no fighting to get the plates to match up and be selected. It is heavy duty, strong and has a great finish so it looks great as well. The slide adjustors for the pulleys are excellent, they run smoothly and easy down the glide bar and are easy to lock in place. For the price you can’t beat the quality and versatility of this piece of equipment.

Maysem – “It comes with everything you need. The quality is great and assembly is straightforward. Highly recommend. The best product you can get in this category with this money.”

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and an Upgraded Accessory Package (Gray or White)

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Tom W Greenaway – “The XMark cable machine is the same quality that you find in most clubs. It is solid, sturdy, and works great. I would highly recommend to anyone that is serious about a home gym. You can get complete body workouts with this machine and the attachments. The only thing that I would have liked to see is more complete instructions for assembling. Although they are easy enough to get through, the section on routing the cable is poorly done as there is a picture only for this section and no narrative.”

More Info…

  • In addition to the standard accessories already included with the XM-7626, we’ve added our XMark triple chrome plated chinning triangle, single grip handles, and triceps rope.
  • Hands down the XM-7626 is the most versatile piece of equipment for your family’s home gym. Easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall.
  • Your training possibilities are unlimited with the dual 200 lb. weight stacks, quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5″ each and easily interchangeable accessories.
  • The heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction ensure the XM-7626 is solidly built, while the commercial grade pull up rig and pulley system are extremely smooth.
  • The XM-7626 provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. Also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar.

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Philip – “This is seriously a whole gym system! I’ve seen hotel fitness centers that doesn’t compare to this beast! I’m very pleased with my purchase and use it on a daily basis. I have been very serious about my workouts and been working out for the past 5 years and perhaps addicted to fitness (hey there are worst things to be addicted to). Soon after graduating from under grad, apartment gyms weren’t doing it for me, P90X annoys me after month 2, and I had nailed insanity, Focus T-25 wasn’t enough. I got serious and got a Gold’s gym membership…I went for over a year and realized I could save so much more by investing in a home gym. After i bought my house, I dedicated a room to my home gym, and I haven’t looked back since. Worth the price and the investment…I work out 6 days a week, and it’s perfect for workouts of all body parts. add a treadmill/elliptical (depending on your preference of cardio system), some free weights, and a P90X crazy multi-purpose pull up bar with ab straps, and you have a seriously legitimate home gym, that defeats some hotel fitness centers. That’s saying some thing when you think about it!”


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Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing MD-9010G

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Country / City Lady – “I waited nine months to write this review because I really wanted to get a feel for it. I ordered 300 pounds of weights and have been using it every single day since I got those – I paid for the expert assembly through Amazon and believe me once you get all these boxes it’s mind blowing so it’s worth every penny and it wasn’t that expensive . The pulleys work smoothly and machinery is solid , the fact that I can go in my garage without getting dressed up and driving through the snow to go to a gym is priceless I’m very happy with the set :))”

  • LINEAR BEARING –The unique design of the linear bearing on the Smith Machine ensures a smooth motion to prevent any snags for an unencumbered experience. For added support, the Marcy MT-3 Barbell Pad provides comfort for select exercises– SOLD SEPARETELY
  • ALL-STEEL CONTRUSTION – This home gym system is made with a heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder coated finish. It utilizes sturdy aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 2,000lb that’s guaranteed to withstand intense long-lasting use
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRESS ARMS – This versatile weight system home gym is designed with dual action press arms. The press arms allow you to perform a variety of arm and chest exercises to develop your biceps, triceps, pectoralis, and other muscle groups!
  • DUAL-ACTION LEG DEVELOPER– Featuring a dual-function leg developer with six oversized rocker pads and a row/curl bar, this unit comes with a pivot point that facilitates proper body form during workouts, allowing maximum effect on targeted muscle groups
  • OLYMPIC FREE-WEIGHT RACK – Engage in intense weightlifting or strength training right in the comfort of your home! It includes 6 weight plate pegs that are built into the frame, letting you organize weights/barbells on the machine for easy accessibility
  • ALL-IN-ONE WORKOUT STATION–This complete training system features an innovative structure that combines arm and leg stations for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts,limiting the need to switch between gym equipment

David – “This gym is as advertised. I really like it. It is not cheap but yes you get what you pay for. I have used every kind of free weight and pulley gym out there over the last 25 years, so I can appreciate the engineering in this design. I put it together myself using their instructions no problem. Their instructions are very clear and I like how they packaged the screws & washers a nd sealed/label cards. What a great technique. The gym does look and feel high quality for sure. I am a mechanical engineer and design products for a living, so I don’t say all of this lightly I have been using it daily now for 2+ weeks. The pulley/cable system is nicely engineered and very smooth. Good job Inspire Fitness. Also their customer service has been excellent as they responded promptly to a few of my questions during the build!”

Results Driven

The Inspire FT2 is an excellent training machine for athletes interested in sport specific exercise movements or for people looking to strengthen their overall bodies, increase stamina and coordination or lose weight.

Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station

Trainer with a Built-In Smith Machine

The Inspire FT2 functional trainer allows you to have freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. These unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. Many of the freestanding exercises incorporate core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles, giving you a more efficient and thorough workout. The addition of the built-in Smith Machine enables you to take your squats to the next level while also strengthening both upper and lower body through presses, lunges, curls, and more.

  • Unique design integrates Olympic bar and weight stacks, eliminating the need for Olympic weight plates
  • Dual pulley system adjusts to 32 positions for unlimited functional training capability
  • Innovative weight multiplier feature doubles maximum resistance to accommodate heavy lifters
  • Pull-up bar is adjustable in height to accommodate low ceiling height
  • Optional leg extension/leg curl attachment conveniently hooks up to weight stacks for a smooth, commercial feel

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  • BEARING SYSTEM: Precision steel ball bearing system provides a smooth, maintenance free action.
  • ACCESSORIES (Included): Tricep rope, pair of D handles, straight bar, EZ curl bar, ankle cuff, two water bottles, multi-function belt, swing handle, 2 – 5lb. add-on weights, exercise booklet.
  • OPTIONS AVAILABLE (NOT Included): 200lb. weight stack upgrade. FID bench, leg developer attachment, preacher curl attachment, abdominal bar.
  • WARRANTY: Residential: Limited Lifetime on frame and all parts. Light Commercial: Limited 10yr. on frame and all parts
  • DIMENSIONS: 61″ wide x 58″ deep without bench; 61″ wide x 89″ deep with bench; minimum height 83″; maximum height 88″ (ASSEMBLY REQUIRED)


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