How to Make Your Kids Love Football Like Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a world-renowned quarterback for the New England Patriots. He is one of the most successful football players of all time, with five Super Bowl rings and three MVP awards. His life story is an inspiration to kids all over the world. We can make our kids love football like Tom Brady by […]

Hubble captures incredible images of galaxy collisions

At the end of the year, we show you a compilation of photographs taken by Hubble and considered by Forbes to be the best in the telescope. Now, we show you six images made known by NASA that show collisions and mergers of galaxies captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble: Impressive images of the […]

Scientists focus on early treatment of covid-19

posted on 1/10/2021 06:00 (credit: John Moore / AFP) “If you have any symptoms, stay home for 14 days and only see a doctor if you are short of breath.” Everyone should remember one of the first recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), adopted globally in March 2020, at the beginning of the covid-19 […]

The Earth is spinning faster now than in the past 50 years. What’s up?

Scientists recorded in 2020 the 28 shortest days since 1960. Therefore, the Earth’s rush to complete its turns around its own axis led to the days ending a few milliseconds earlier than the average. The event is not particularly alarming, given that the planet’s rotation varies slightly constantly, driven by variations in atmospheric pressure, winds, […]

Eyes may signal risk of infection with the new coronavirus

Jessica Mayara * / State of Minas posted on 06/01/2021 20:53 (credit: Ldc Comunicação / Divulgation) Research recently published in the journal BMJ Open Ophthalmology found that before the first signs of a COVID-19 infection appear, the eyes can signal the body of the risk of contamination. And that until three weeks before the body […]

The Moon was gone from the sky and now we finally know why

As we know, the Moon is the natural satellite of our Earth and, in addition, it is the fifth largest in the entire solar system. That has been registered, the Moon presents us with its presence every night, without exception. Or maybe there was one… there are reports of a lunar eclipse that occurred sometime […]

240 Israelis get covid-19 after receiving vaccine; what does that mean?

posted on 1/4/2021 22:19 / updated 04/01/2021 22:27 (credit: Sameer Al-DOUMY / AFP) Israel is among the most advanced countries in vaccinating the population against covid-19, with almost 1 million doses applied so far. Now, the country’s press reports that, of the people who received the immunization adopted in the country, manufactured by Pfizer, 240 […]

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