Pork steak with zucchini: Fast low-carb dish

Light and simple Low-carb dish for connoisseurs: Pork steak with zucchini Photo: Matthias Liebich If you do not like zucchini you can of course also use eggplant as a substitute. If you are looking for a light low-carb dish, you should definitely try this pork steak with zucchini. Low-carb can go that fast and easy. […]

Lamb balls with mint yoghurt dip: low carb recipe with minced meat

Tasty skewered Hearty low-carb lamb ball skewers with fresh mint yoghurt dip Photo: Matthias Liebich Just 7 grams. Carbohydrates have the aromatic lamb ball skewers with fresh mint yoghurt dip Our aromatic lamb ball skewers come with a fresh mint yoghurt dip and are perfect for your low-carb menu. Just try it out! Ingredients for […]

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