If you have this popular seasoning in your kitchen, throw it out

An extremely popular cooking ingredient is now being recalled after a completely different kind of seasoning found its way into containers they shouldn’t have been in. Food Club Garlic Powder is at the center of the recall, but the real problem is that the containers don’t have garlic powder in them at all. Instead, the […]

If you have this popular salad kit, throw it away immediately

A popular salad kit brand is recalling some of its already-expired product due to possible E. coli contamination. Fresh Express Caesar Supreme salad kits that have an expiration date of November 8th are subject to recall. So far, no reports of illness have resulted from the possible contamination. We all know salads are a healthy […]

If you have any of this in your freezer, throw it out

A mac & cheese product is being recalled for a bizarre reason: It’s not actually mac & cheese at all. Mislabeled boxes of Stuffed Foods Mac & Cheese Bites actually contain Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers. The wrong label also doesn’t include the warning that soy is present in the product, potentially leading to allergic reactions. […]

Drain the body: With exercise & the right food

17.06.2020 – 11:03 tips & tricks Swollen? So you can drain your body Gently draining the body – the best tips Gently draining the body – the best tips Show description It’s an unpleasant feeling, isn’t it? Your body stores water, you feel uncomfortable and bloated. This is caused by water retention in the tissues. […]

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