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Salmon skewers: recipe with lime & bacon

Deliciously light Juicy salmon skewers with lime & bacon A real figure-flatterer: salmon skewers with fruity marinade made from lime juice and garlic. Salmon skewers are very fine! The combination with lime gives them a fresh, summery note. Definitely try it out! Ingredients for 4 servings: 500 g salmon fillet 200 g bacon 2 cloves […]

Pork steak with zucchini: Fast low-carb dish

Light and simple Low-carb dish for connoisseurs: Pork steak with zucchini Photo: Matthias Liebich If you do not like zucchini you can of course also use eggplant as a substitute. If you are looking for a light low-carb dish, you should definitely try this pork steak with zucchini. Low-carb can go that fast and easy. […]

Ricotta muffins with orange and almonds: Fast and sugar-free

Light low-carb treat Ricotta muffins with orange and almonds and xylitol instead of sugar Photo: StockFood / ZS publishing house / bacon, Sabrina Orange, almonds and ricotta make these quick muffins a real delicacy – and all without sugar. We love muffins and can’t get enough of the little cakes, if we weren’t able to […]

Courgette mince balls with salad: light low-carb recipe

Hearty slimmaker Light low-carb zucchini mince balls with salad Photo: Matthias Liebich Zucchini, ground beef and corn make the meatballs incomparably juicy. Meatballs are eagerly eaten in all parts of the world. However, the hearty little meatballs are usually rich in calories – not so our zucchini meatballs! But this light low-carb version is also […]

Lamb balls with mint yoghurt dip: low carb recipe with minced meat

Tasty skewered Hearty low-carb lamb ball skewers with fresh mint yoghurt dip Photo: Matthias Liebich Just 7 grams. Carbohydrates have the aromatic lamb ball skewers with fresh mint yoghurt dip Our aromatic lamb ball skewers come with a fresh mint yoghurt dip and are perfect for your low-carb menu. Just try it out! Ingredients for […]

Braised cucumbers with bacon and dill: light dietary dish

Low Carb Starter Braised cucumbers with bacon and dill Photo: StockFood / Urban, Martina Braised cucumbers are a typical dish of Berlin cuisine. How about a hearty recipe for braised cucumbers with bacon and dill? The dish is not only incredibly tasty, but does not contain many calories or carbohydrates. Ingredients for 4 people: 2 […]

Pea soup with broccoli & ham: Light low-carb enjoyment

Delicious Low Carb Spicy pea soup with broccoli and ham Photo: StockFood: Bauer Syndication Cress as topping gives this delicious pea soup a special touch. Would you like one more ladle? This hot satiety-maker now warms wonderfully from the inside – by the way, also the soul! Here you will find a light and low-carb […]

Hessian Stulle with bung cheese, herbs and black olives

[ad_1] Hearty bread enjoyment Hessian Stulle with bung cheese, herbs and black olives Photo: StcokFood/ Walsh, Nicky Whether for breakfast, for a good start into the day, or for dinner – simply delicious! Would you like to enjoy a hearty and hearty breakfast? Then you should definitely try this recipe for a Hessian Stulle with […]

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