If you have any of this spray paint, stop using it immediately

A popular brand of spray paint has initiated a recall of some of its cans due to the potential for them to explode. The bottoms of the cans, sold under the Rust-Oleum brand, have been detaching from the cylinder, and at least one injury has been reported.  The spray cans are to be disposed of, […]

Undeclared allergens spark recall of popular salad kit

A popular brand of prepared salad kit sold in grocery stores across many states has now been recalled due to undeclared allergens.  The salads, under the Dole brand, contain eggs that are not declared on the label. Egg allergies can be incredibly serious and lead to allergic reactions that may be life-threatening.  We all know […]

If you bought this delicious dessert, throw it out right now

A new food recall announced in a bulletin posted by the FDA targets cupcakes that were sold across the United States The products, which include vanilla cupcakes with both vanilla and chocolate frosting, are not properly labeled.  The containers they are sold in do not correctly note that the food contains both milk and eggs, […]

Hand sanitizer recalled because it has methanol in it

A company that presumably just started making hand sanitizer recently has been forced to recall its product due to the presence of methanol.  Methanol exposure can carry some very serious risks, including nervous system damage and even death.  In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies began distributing hand sanitizer with no prior experience. […]

If you have this popular painkiller, throw it away

Five different brands of the popular painkiller Excedrin have now been recalled due to a very serious issue with the product packaging. The bottles that the medicine comes in have holes in the bottom, making it easy for children to get to the pills despite the “child-safe” bottle caps. Over 400,000 bottles of various types […]

A chainsaw started on its own, and now 82,000 are being recalled

A report of a chainsaw that started entirely on its own and caused injury to its owner has forced Black & Decker to recall roughly 82,000 similar models. The recall, which appears as a bulletin by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, affects 10-inch Craftsman corded chainsaws. Anyone that owns one of the recalled chainsaws […]

If you take any of these supplements, stop immediately

Two kinds of powered herbal products have been recalled because they may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. The products were sold as far back as 2018, making it difficult to know how much of the product is still in consumers’ homes.  The company is asking that those using the affected products stop immediately and return […]

If you have any of this in your freezer, throw it out

A mac & cheese product is being recalled for a bizarre reason: It’s not actually mac & cheese at all. Mislabeled boxes of Stuffed Foods Mac & Cheese Bites actually contain Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers. The wrong label also doesn’t include the warning that soy is present in the product, potentially leading to allergic reactions. […]

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