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Over 20 cartoons that will make you laugh but at the same time tell you the whole truth about what a pregnancy means to us women.

vignetta 16

Line Severinsen is a ‘Norwegian illustrator mother of two children: the first born in 2012 and the other born in May of this year.

Like any self-respecting intelligent woman, she had the courage to dispel the myth of pregnancy, which is not at all – at least it is not for many – the best time of life. What do we do with swollen feet, a giant belly, fatigue and hemorrhoids? Line tells it to us in a very ironic way on his website Kos og Kaos, “Children and chaos”.

Let’s see some of his cartoons also published by the boredpanda site. On the other hand it is known that the illustrators have a great sense of humor …

Is pregnancy as beautiful as they say? The ironic cartoons of a mother

last semester pregnancy

What about the baby bump that prevents you from picking up items off the ground in the last quarter?


You cannot see below your navel

panel 2

You seem to be as big as a cow …

panel 3

Everyone wants to touch your belly

panel 4

The fear of every man is that of hurting the child …

vignette 5

Stretch marks are still sexy …

vignette 6

You can’t tie your shoes

vignette 7

Kicks everywhere …

vignette 8

Last quarter gymnastics …

panel 9

It is difficult to choose a name …

panel 10

The very “dramatic” pregnancy cravings….

panel 11

“But are you waiting for three?” the nice comments of the people …

vignette 12

Fortunately there are other “pregnant” …

vignette 13

The fears of childbirth: the waters break in public

Vignette 14

That they don’t say you eat for two ..

vignette 15

More pillows please!

Vignette 16

The feet like two bagpipes and the “slightly” swollen hands are not at all nice
Vignette 17

9 months without alcohol …

Vignette 18

You look at every moment “24 hours in the delivery room” and sobbing …

Vignette 19

The nurse shows the father a placenta for the first time …

Vignette 20

Ah, the pregnancy hormones …

Vignette 21

You are as agile as a hippo …

Vignette 22

Cramps hit you at night …

Vignette 23

If you have placenta plevia you have the impression of sitting on a time bomb …

And you unimamme what do you think?

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