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Psycho and sexo

We all have fantasies, and women are not left out either.

According to a recent French study, carried out by Ipsos and analyzed by sexologist Sylvain Mimoun, 96% of women are to fantasize. 80% of them even reveal to be ready to achieve these. If these imaginary sexual representations are normally secret, the survey reveals here the top 10 most common fantasies among women.

1) sleeping with another woman

Regardless of the fact that they have been in a relationship for years and heterosexual, many women want to know for one night what it feels like to sleep with someone of the same sex. Intrigue and curiosity, the female body fascinates everyone, even women themselves.

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2) a threesome

The study here mentions a sexual relationship between two men and a woman. In other words, four hands for more pleasure for the woman. There is something exciting about having two men, perhaps two strangers, ready to “fight” for our favors.

3) get dominated

Here is room for the imagination. The couples can remain “classic” and the man can be satisfied to order certain things to the woman. Or domination can be the perfect opportunity to indulge in a new role-playing game. A way of letting go and getting into someone else’s shoes for a few lovemaking. All this must of course continue to be done in kindness.

4) Dominate

Here we reverse the roles. It is the woman who is in charge and who uses the man as his object of desire for the greatest pleasure of the gentleman. The perfect opportunity to spice things up in bed.

5) the naughty little voyeur

According to this study, a certain percentage of women fantasize about being able to watch other people have sex. Whether it’s done on purpose, like in a swingers club, or on the fly, the goal is to build up the excitement.

6) make love on the beach

Make way for romanticism. Make love on a sandy beach, under the stars or at sunset, a scene worthy of the most beautiful love movies. In addition to its poetic character, a beach remains a public place and therefore adds a good dose of excitement to the act. However, according to some accounts, having sex on the beach turns out not to be the best plan. The sand would indeed tend to interfere everywhere, better to prevent.

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7) Make love in a palace

We slip into the shoes of a princess or a rich jet-setter for a night. To beat greed, all pleasures are achievable, especially in a king size bed.

8) sleeping with a monitor

Whether he teaches skiing, sailing or even basketball, we indulge in new discoveries with an athlete with a dream body. The fact that he can keep his outfit is a plus!

9) sleeping with a star

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio… Who has never fantasized in front of a particular actor or singer? Each generation of women has their preferences to take them to seventh heaven. A fantasy that hardly makes you feel guilty, since you have to be realistic, it will certainly never come true.

10) make love with a stranger

Someone passed in a bar or on the street. Here it is the land of the unknown that fascinates. Start over with someone who doesn’t know anything about us and who we don’t want to know anything about either. The moment to discover new sensations without any feeling and commitment.

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