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More independent children tend to be healthier adults, study finds

– Yuliya Evstratenko / Childhood certainly has an effect on the adult life of every individual, and this is just as valid on a physiological, psychological or emotional level. In particular, a new study has shown that people who have better self-control during childhood are more likely to age more slowly. Self-control linked to […]

Staying single as a teenager would make you more sociable and less depressive

– Daniel M Ernst / Currently, it is difficult to keep teens away from romantic relationships. Between curiosity, love at first sight and transition to adolescence, personal relationships, both from a friendly and sentimental point of view or even in the family circle, are important and help the adolescent to build himself, to forge […]

Teens become anxious and depressed after 3 hours a day on social media

A recent study that appeared in the journal JAMA Psychiatry on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 and reported by the MIT Technology Review found that teens spending more than three hours a day on social media are at higher risk of developing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, aggression as well as antisocial behavior. A […]

Drivers who listen to energetic music take twice as much risk as others

A study carried out by seven Chinese laboratories and reported by Trax Magazine attests to the existence of a relationship between the number of road accidents and the type of music listened to by the driver before the collision. Music over 120 BPM makes you want to drive fast and overtake more cars This chinese […]

In the face of imminent danger, our bones release a hormone essential to our survival

Scientists already knew that in case of danger, humans and animals have the reflex of “fight or flight”, motivated by hormones released by the adrenal glands and by nerve pathways directly connected to the brain. But our bones would also have this ability. Osteocalcin During a study published in Cell Metabolism On Thursday, September 12, […]

Black humor would be the sign of great intelligence

If you particularly enjoy morbid and sinister wits, or a politically incorrect joke has ever occurred to you during a particularly dark time, this may be a sign of high intelligence. Understanding dark humor could mean you have a high IQ Having a fondness for black humor doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a psychopath, far from […]

Forgiving yourself and others helps you fight the anxiety that plagues you

We often advise knowing how to forget and forgive. And if this advice seems trivial, it is nevertheless sometimes complex to implement, because forgiving requires accepting an injury made to our ego and, far from being a proof of weakness, rather testifies to a mental strength. Beyond just forgiving someone, having a lenient personality can […]

Does your order of birth in your siblings have a real impact on your character?

In families with two or more children, the question of birth order is almost inevitable. If it is often said that the firstborn are the successful ones, is this true? Are the youngest children really rebels? A study has examined these thorny questions that intrigue young and old. A VERY ANCHORED AND OFTEN STUDYED REFLECTION […]

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