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These are moringa tea side effects – Moringa has laxative properties. It can cause stomach upsets, gaseous distension, diarrhea, and heartburn in large quantities, among other things. If you don’t like the flavor, your gag reflex might be activated. You should limit your consumption as nausea might occur.

moringa tea side effects

There are many advantages of drinking Moringa tea. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It also reduces the risk of developing certain diseases. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways to lose weight, prevent diseases, and improve immunity.
However, drinking Moringa tea also has some side effects. Read more below to find moringa tea side effects.

This article reviews the pros and cons of drinking Moringa tea so that you can make an informed decision about consuming this healthy green drink instead of avoiding it because of its risks. It is important to also know moringa tea side effects along with awesome moringa health benefits.

Moringa, also known as drumstick tree, is a small evergreen tree native to India. It grows in tropical regions and has been used for centuries as a cooking spice and medicine. In recent times, people have started using it tea to improve their health.
Research on Moringa tea shows that it can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

However, drinking too much Moringa tea can cause stomach upset which is a very well-known moringa tea side effects. If you’re thinking about trying this plant-based beverage for the first time, then check out this article for more facts on how much you should drink and potential side effects you may experience from drinking it.

Moringa leaves are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. One cup of fresh, chopped leaves (21 grams) contains (2Trusted Source):

Protein: 2 grams
Vitamin B6: 19% of the RDA
Vitamin C: 12% of the RDA
Iron: 11% of the RDA
Riboflavin (B2): 11% of the RDA
Vitamin A (from beta-carotene): 9% of the RDA
Magnesium: 8% of the RDA

Moringa, also known as Bahera or Dur-Kola in India, is a type of tree easily identifiable by its long, thin leaves. Moringa is native to Africa and Asia. In India and Nepal, it is referred to as moringa. It is also known by different names in different Indian states. Moring The leaves of this plant are believed to contain a high amount of antioxidants making it an excellent tea for fighting free radicals and reducing the risk of oxidative stress.

In fact, MORINGA TEA has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as its antioxidant properties have been well documented. One cup of moringa tea contains only 0.1mg of caffeine which is negligible compared to that consumed from other teas such as green tea or black tea.

What Is Moringa?

Moringa is the common name of the drumstick tree. It is a type of legume tree native to India and South-East Asia. Moringa can grow in areas with low rainfall. It has a long lifespan of about 100 years. It can grow up to 8-20 m height. Moringa is also known as drumstick tree in English. Moringa is not a kind of tea.

Moringa is a leaf. It can be called moringa leaf because it is from moringa tree. The dried moringa leaf has a long tradition of use in the Ayurvedic medicine. The Ayurvedic doctors believe that moringa contains multiple medicinal properties and is useful for treating many health conditions.

Moringa Tea Side Effects

As any other herbal tea, the rich antioxidants in moringa can also cause some side effects like nausea, bloating, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should not consume moringa tea. Moringa is also used as a laxative and people with a history of laxative abuse should not consume it. Now we know moringa tea side effects!

Health Benefits of Moringa Tea

Boosting Immunity: Moringa tea can help boost immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells in your body.

Strengthening Bones: The high amount of minerals in moringa tea will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones with minerals like calcium and potassium.

Strengthening Liver: The antioxidants present in moringa tea can help protect the liver from degenerative diseases.

Treating High Blood Pressure: Moringa contains minerals that can help control high blood pressure.

How to Take Moringa Tea for Weight Loss

Moringa tea gained a lot of popularity as a weight loss supplement. You can drink a cup of moringa tea daily. You can also drink it before bedtime. Honey is added to the tea to sweeten it. The constituents in moringa are best taken with water. If you want to lose weight, the best thing to do is to reduce the food intake during the day and drink a cup of moringa tea before bedtime. In the next few days, you will be surprised to find that you are not hungry and consume less food.

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Final Words

Moringa is a very nutritious and healthy plant. The best part about it is that it is easy to grow at home. You need only a few seeds to get a new plant. If you want to increase the growth of the plant, you can also use organic manure to enrich the soil. Moringa is a great source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that can help fight free radicals and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and even obesity. With all these benefits, it is not surprising that you can find moringa in many grocery stores and health stores.

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