11 Food Snacks To Avoid Before You Go To Sleep

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Insomnia also called sleep apnea is something everyone needs to watch for. Because of bad food, beverages and habits,people start develop insomnia. As it is proven that diet can make difference in your sleep. Below are drinks, food to avoid before you go to sleep. Learn what food to avoid before bed.


Orange Juice

Citrus fruits are very acidic, and that’s problematic if you have reflux or a sensitive bladder. Try eating a whole piece of fruit, such an apple, instead. The carbohydrates can actually help your sleep, while the fiber helps you absorb the sugar more slowly.



Between the bubbles and the possible caffeine, soda is a no-no before bedtime. And if it’s regular — not diet — soda, it’s chock-full of sugar, which is super-stimulating. Sugar is also linked to shallower, less restful sleep.



These have trans fat but produces higher energy. Probable insomnia and individual insomnia symptoms had greater energy intake and a lower diet quality according to –


Energy Drink

For same reason as above plus lots of caffine and vitamin B6, B12 results bad insomnia.



According to a recent study, cheesy topping might give people nightmares, and the acidic tomato sauce can lead to tummy aches trips to the bathroom. This could also add calories to your body, so watch out!


Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can irritate your stomach which can make it harder to fall asleep or stay asleep. They can also cause heartburn.


Sugary cereal

You’re better off sticking with a low-sugar, high-fiber kind, like Cheerios or bran flakes. Sugary cereals digest rapidly, so the spike in blood sugar could throw off some of your sleep hormones, and low-fiber diets are linked to lighter sleep.


Sugary Yogurt

For same reason as before, avoid sugary yogurts before you go to bed for sleep, take zero sugar, low calorie yogurt instead.



While some people seem able to down a late-night espresso without losing a wink of sleep, most are not so lucky. If caffeine affects your sleep, try not to have any later than six hours before bedtime.



While a glass or two of wine might initially make you sleepy, alcohol actually disrupts your natural sleep patterns. Regularly consuming alcohol (especially before bedtime) can worsen your sleep quality and also means you might wake up in the middle of the night and early in the morning to pee. –



A heavy, fatty meal like a burger gets your digestive tract working hard, which can be disruptive if you’re trying to get to sleep. A recent study found that eating too much saturated fat is linked to lighter sleep with more wakefulness. —


If you are really hungry but about to sleep, try Lean proteins like turkey, chicken, drinks like herbal tee, chamomile or peppermint tee, walnut, almond, banana, brown rice.


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