UK removes VAT on hygiene protection following Brexit

– Michal Ludwiczak / The UK has officially abolished the tax on sanitary protection. This is one of the first effects of Brexit. This decision comes in fact just a few days after the country’s official exit from the European Union. Previously, a European directive made it impossible to come into force. The UK […]

More and more people are rising up against the fashion industry which is destroying our planet

Currently, more and more people and organizations are blocking the various fashion displays. Whether it’s Fashion Week or fast fashion, people formerly interested in this kind of event are gradually turning away from this trend to devote themselves to a more worrying problem: the future of our planet. More and more people are boycotting Fashion […]

Nearly 200 Britons quarantined in Switzerland have reportedly fled

– Anna Mente / Shutterstock; com Even though a new strain of the coronavirus worries the world, British tourists are said to have broken their quarantine in Switzerland on the night of December 26 to 27, 2020. A new variant of the Covid from Great Britain The appearance of a new strain of Covid-19 on […]

Launch of a national “anti-food waste” label

– Anna Nahabed / On Monday, December 28, the French government announced the creation of a food “anti-waste” label to encourage initiatives in the catering and distribution sectors. This new label will also aim to allow consumers to make more informed choices. The extent of food waste in France In addition to having catastrophic […]

4 years in prison for the citizen journalist who covered the Covid-19 in Wuhan

– Mark Brandon / China has sentenced a citizen journalist to 4 years in prison for covering Covid-19 in Wuhan. Wuhan critical reporter Zhang zhan is a 37-year-old Chinese journalist who covered, with her mobile phone, the impact of the epidemic in Wuhan in February 2019. This former lawyer used to defending her ideals […]

A message from the Zodiac killer finally deciphered 50 years later

– © DR – Zodiac / Allocine Messages from the killer in David Fincher’s Zodiac movie The Zodiac Killer is a famous serial killer. He is particularly renowned for his encrypted messages, some of which have remained a mystery until now. In a fairly late twist, it was revealed that three amateur detectives managed to […]

With constant eyes on their phones, people are getting hurt more and more

Of course, smartphones have made our lives a lot easier. Either way, that doesn’t mean they’re safe. In particular, a new study has shown that mobile phones are the cause of many accidents causing injuries to the face and neck. More and more frequent accidents New study says increased cell phone use is associated with […]

Child abuse increased by 50% during the first confinement according to this study

Erika Richard / A study reveals that, during the first confinement, the hospitalizations of children for abuse increased by 50%. Research has focused on children from 0 to 5 years old, and has shown that mortality from such abuse is also on the rise. An unprecedented increase in violence From the first day of […]

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