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New list ranks the most hated fast-food restaurants in America

Opinions on fast food can vary wildly, but is there one fast-food restaurant that is hated more than the rest? A new state ranking uses data compiled from social media mentions of nearly 200,000 individuals, along with their location data, to determine the most-hated fast-food restaurant in each state. Looking at the picture as a […]

Avoid this fast food burger at all costs

Fast food is almost always something to avoid if you’re hoping to eat healthily, but some items are worse than others. Author and registered dietician Lauren Harris-Pincus recommends avoiding one chain’s ultra-huge burgers, as they’re the worst of the worst.  The recommendation is made based on the number of calories, fat, and carbs that are […]

A condition-by-condition breakdown of the rapidly food everyone’s binging in the course of lockdown

Calendar year-over-12 months details demonstrates wherever People in america are spending their rapidly meals bucks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the significant names are very well-represented, with Sonic dominating a enormous chunk of the region. Sonic may be benefiting from not obtaining to alter its organization product to cater to the […]

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