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In our previous article, Breathtaking Images of Travel, we listed several destinations worldwide, from the Blue Domes of Oia in Santorini to Murcielago Island in Costa Rica. These destinations are seas apart, so many are often included in a bucket list for dedicated travelers to visit throughout their lifetime.
However, cruise travel allows one to explore multiple destinations in one seamless voyage. With comprehensive itineraries that can last from days to weeks, cruises offer a world of possibilities for the traveler with wanderlust. In this guide, we’ll take you through the essentials of cruise travel, helping you plan an unforgettable voyage.


Picking a cruise

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Itinerary matters

Some ships focus on tropical paradises, while others journey through historic European cities or take you to remote Alaskan wilderness. MSC Seascape, for instance, will be based in the Caribbean for its inaugural season. If you hope to voyage through the Bahamas or Puerto Rico, signing up with the international cruise line may best fulfill your travel goals and expectations.


Embrace extra amenities

Cruise lines provide travelers with various amenities to enhance their cruise experience. Lounges and pool decks have become standard offerings. Meanwhile, wellness-focused cruises offer dedicated programs that cater to your physical and mental well-being. On luxury cruise line Explora Cruises, passengers get access to The Spa, onboard fitness classes, a Sleep Retreat, and even Mindful Nutrition options. These can be a significant draw for those seeking rejuvenation while traversing towards the Mediterranean or the Arabian Peninsula.


Consider themed cruises

For travelers with specific passions, themed cruises offer a unique opportunity to indulge in your favorite activities while exploring the world. One excellent example is the Disney Wish, a voyage that brings beloved Disney characters to life through immersive experiences like the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab or the Beauty and the Beast-inspired lounge, The Rose. There are also options for themed cruises for music lovers, history buffs, and even culinary enthusiasts.


What to bring on a cruise

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Packing for a cruise involves careful planning. As travel blogger Geoff Whitmore notes, your outfits will differ significantly depending on the destination, climate, and weather forecast. You will also need comfortable walking shoes, additional footwear for excursions, and formal attire — just in case your cruise line requires a specific dress code for certain areas of the ship.

It’s also best to bring your own set of toiletries. Having a travel first aid kit, sea sickness medication, antacids, or any other prescription medication you take regularly would help as well. This is to avoid having to leave your stateroom when you’re feeling sick.

Of course, do not forget the necessary travel documents, from an official ID to your cruise boarding pass and medical insurance ID card. Lastly, to enhance your travel experience, consider bringing these optional but highly recommended items:

  Sleeping aids, such as earplugs, eye masks and noise-canceling headphones

  Underwater camera to capture memories while at the beach

  Travel adapter, especially for international cruise lines

  Portable humidifier to keep your skin healthy and glowing after a day full of adventure


What to expect from your cruise

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Cruise lines differ in the type of adventure offered. As such, many have specific conduct policies that guests must adhere to. Former cruise entertainment host Erica DePascale explains that these policies include rules about behavior and safety regulations. Familiarizing yourself with these policies by reading the fine print can ensure a smooth sailing experience.

Being a responsible passenger allows you access to the cruise’s diverse activities and dining options. Besides the buffet, various dining options are often included in cruises, from 24-hour ice cream machines to upscale specialty restaurants. Hopefully, remember to pack formal attire in your luggage because there’s usually a formal evening on cruises wherein passengers must don evening gowns and suits to eat in the main dining rooms.

Most importantly, amidst the excitement onboard, take time to relax so you can explore exciting ports of call whenever your cruise docks. Consider booking shore excursions in advance to make the most of your time ashore.

With this guide, you are guaranteed a memorable and enjoyable cruise journey towards any of your dream destinations. For more on travel and unbiased commentary, check out our other posts on Allshapes.Net.



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