Estonia: The Perfect Guide for You to Visit Estonia.

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Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe travelled by millions,  that is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Finland, Russia and Latvia. Its territory is about 45,000 sq kilometers in size. The climate is cool and temperate in the coastal regions with a continental climate in the middle regions.

Baltic Sea

Where Is Estonia | A Short History of Estonia:

Lets find out Where Is Estonia. Estonia has been inhabited since 10,000 BC when people from what we now know as Sweden settled the area. In 1227 AD, the Danish conquered Estonia and it came under Swedish control three hundred years later. In 1721 AD Russia took control of Estonia and it remained so until 1991 when this little country regained its independence once more. This year Estonia celebrates its 25th anniversary of freedom from Soviet rule! So here are some tips on how to plan a trip to a country that has been free for quarter of a century!

Estonia in the World

Estonia is a country of 2 million people which means it’s not too big. It’s the same size as Ireland, just to give you an idea! And yet, Estonia has managed to punch above its weight in terms of being innovative, producing great quality products and also being a major player on the world stage. When you Visit Estonia you will see many wind mills.

The Estonian Government has decided that all children should have access to computers by 2020 so that they are digitally literate from an early age. They have also set up a system of high-tech schools where children are able to spend their days solving complex problems with one another instead of reading books or staring at screens.

This little country has proved that it can be innovative and competitive on the world stage, despite having a population that is less than one tenth of ours! So if you’re looking for the perfect place to visit this year, then why not book your trip now?


Why Should You Visit Estonia?

1. Estonia is the birthplace of Skype!

2. The Baltic Sea is right on its doorstep

3. Tallinn is known as the “Pearl of the Baltics”

4. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature

5. You can visit many historic castles and fortresses

6. Estonia has one of Europe’s largest teddy bear museums (Estonians are big teddy bear enthusiasts!)

Estonian Cuisine

Estonian cuisine is a varied and balanced diet with plenty of meat, fish and vegetables. Estonia has been an agricultural country for centuries and as such, the typical dishes are those that use ingredients from the farm; potatoes, dairy products, cabbage and rye bread.

Visit Estonia

Estonian Culture

Estonian culture is still strongly influenced by the country’s occupation by Soviet Russia. Russian was the official language of the country for fifty years, and it still is spoken in larger towns and cities. The Estonian culture that has survived is very much based on traditions of the pre-Russian era.

What is there to see in Tallinn of Estonia?

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is a beautiful city with Gothic architecture, churches and cobbled streets. You can wander through it’s old town or visit one of its many museums. Tallinn is also the home of Kadriorg Palace, built in 1718 AD by Tsar Peter the Great for his wife Catherine I. And then there are the charming parks that surround the city, perfect for a picnic!

Where Is Estonia

Cultural Sites in Estonia

For those who are interested in Estonian culture, there is a lot to see and do. Visit the Song Festival Grounds where the Estonian Independence Day ceremony takes place every year. It is an important site for Estonians as it was here that Estonia declared its independence from Russia. Another highlight of the country is its architecture. A good example of this is the Kadriorg Palace.


Planning Your Trip to Estonia.

If you want to plan a trip to Estonia then I’ve got a few tips for you. Firstly, take care of the practicalities, like booking your flights and accommodation.

Secondly, make sure you book a tour or activities in advance as they can be sold out really quickly.

Thirdly, if you’re going for a long weekend or a week I would recommend bringing a backpack with a few clothing items and toiletries as it saves space and is easy to carry around.

Fourthly, have some cash on hand for paying for souvenirs and food because cards can be pretty hard to use in some places.

Fifthly, pack light! Estonia isn’t too big so there are plenty of clothes shops where you can buy clothes whilst you’re here so pack just what you need for your trip.

Sixthly, have fun! It might seem obvious but don’t forget why you came here in the first place!

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