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7 unforgettable experiences to live in Lapland


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Finland is a country surrounded by majestic forests, sublime northern lights and other landscapes all as magical as each other. There is therefore a multitude of things to discover there. Today we invite you to discover seven experiences to live at least once in your life in Finland and more specifically in Lapland. Which of all of these experiences tempts you the most?

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The trek is a first experience that Lapland allows us to do. This Nordic country lends itself perfectly to adventure travel. It is an ideal land for practicing outdoor activities and immersing yourself in the heart of nature. Fall is the perfect time to go hiking. Indeed, at this time of year, we notice the ruska phenomenon: the mountains and valleys are orange and red in color and the air is not yet too cool. Thousands of marked trails are then passable. You can even walk through them, sometimes without meeting a single human being for several days. If you want to camp, all you need to do is bring your tent or take shelter in shelters or cabins located along the routes. For the less adventurous, there are of course also shorter hikes.


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