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Best Healthy Evening Snack Ideas Recipe: Try this easy and mouth watering healthy snacks recipe of Khoya Paneer Seekh kebab in hindi


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Evening Snacks Recipe: Khoya Paneer Sikh Kabab is a perfect snack recipe. Which you can get praise by making as a starter in the evening breakfast or any party. So, of late, let’s know how to make these tasty khoy paneer kebabs.

Ingredients for making Khoya Paneer Sikh Kebab
-100 grams khoya
-100 gm cottage cheese
-50 grams boiled potatoes
-2 grams garam masala
-10 grams paprika
-10 g Green Capsicum
-Custom salt
– 5 grams white pepper
– 5 grams chopped green chillies
– 5 grams chopped ginger

How to make Khoya Paneer Sikh Kebab
To make Khoya Paneer Sikh Kebab, first of all add grated paneer, khoya boiled potatoes and all the spices together and mix. Cut red and green capsicum into pieces and mix in this mixture and keep aside for 10 minutes. Now take out a portion of this mixture and make its balls and keep them aside. Shape these balls lengthwise and apply them in the square. Similarly, prepare the lesson from the remaining mixture and apply it in the square. Now apply green capsicum coating and finally apply capsicum of red capsicum. Cook these kebabs till they turn brown in the oven. Now you can serve these kebabs with hot mint sauce.



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