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Bhai Dooj Recipes 2020: You Must Try Easy Sweet Recipe Of Kaju And Pista Roll At Home For Bhai Dooj


Kaju and Pista roll recipe: The festival of Bhaiya Dooj, symbol of love and faith of brother and sister, will be celebrated across the country on Monday, November 16, 2020. The Deepotsav ends with Bhai Dooj falling on 16 November. In such a situation, if your brother is fond of eating sweet, then make him at home and feed this tasty cashew pistachio roll. Let’s know how this tasty sweet dish is made.

Ingredients for making cashew and pistachio rolls
-750 g cashew nuts
-300 g pistachios
-800 gram sugar cubes
-5 grams cardamom powder
– Silver leaf for garnishing

Method of making cashew and pistachio rolls
To make cashew and pistachio rolls, first soak the cashews separately and blanch the pistachios and peel them off. Now grind both of them separately and make a paste. Then mix 650 grams of sugar cashews and 150 grams of sugar in pistachio mixture. Now cook both the mixture separately till the sugar dissolves. Now add cardamom powder to it. Take it out of the pan, make a sheet of cashew and pistachios and roll it from the middle and serve it by garnishing it with silver leaf.



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