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Diet breakfast in your home office: How to stay slim


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30.04.2020 – 19:11

Lean start to the day
Delicious ideas for a diet breakfast in the home office

You wonder how you can keep an eye on your figure despite having a home office? Start with breakfast!

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You wonder how you can keep an eye on your figure despite your home office? Start with breakfast!

Losing weight starts with breakfast. We tell you which breakfast recipes you can use to ensure a slim line in your home office.

The home office seems to turn out to be not very figure-friendly. The immediate refrigerator and the many provisions seem to tempt many to eat and snack all the time. But the home office does not necessarily have to become a calorie trap. By changing just one meal a day, you can influence your eating behaviour throughout the day: Breakfast.

We have put together for you here what needs to be considered and what a healthy and delicious diet breakfast in the home office looks like.

Diet breakfast in the home office: proteins, fibre and nutrients full

Especially at breakfast a conscious choice of food is important. For example, butter croissant with jam or a sugar-rich muesli mix can cause sugar fluctuations and ensure ravenous appetite for the rest of the day. Especially in the home office this is counterproductive.

So make sure you have a particularly nutritious and healthy meal for the diet breakfast in your home office to start the day. Protein and dietary fibres are particularly suitable, as they keep you full longer and thus protect you from ravenous appetite. In general, sufficient vitamins and minerals should also be ensured. These are important for health and the immune system and also help you lose weight.

Delicious ideas for a healthy diet breakfast in the home office

With these tasty and healthy breakfast ideas, it starts much better into a day at the home office. The nutrients and fibre ensure that you are satiated for longer and thus help to protect you from cravings and calorie traps.

Diet breakfast with egg:

Cereal, curd cheese and co. for the slim home office breakfast:

  • Low-carb vanilla curd cheese with berry compote is rich in proteins, which satiate longer. The combination is also a good snack for in-between times, in case you get hungry during work.
  • In addition to quark and yoghurt, cottage cheese is also a great breakfast base and provides plenty of protein – in combination with oranges and peppermint it is particularly tasty.
  • Oat flakes provide complex carbohydrates and plenty of fibre. This means that you stay full for a long time and support the slim line in your home office. Try them in the form of Overnight Oats coconut and raspberries, for example.


Our special tip for slim breakfast bread: try low-calorie butter alternatives.

Crepes, pancakes and waffles in the slim version

You can find more breakfast ideas to lose weight in our picture gallery:

Conclusion on the diet breakfast in the home office

A healthy dietary breakfast helps to start the day so that the home office and corona crisis do not become fattening. This not only provides you with valuable nutrients that are important for health, defence and a normal weight, but also protects you from blood sugar fluctuations, ravenous appetite and constant snacking in the home office.

You can find more suggestions on the subject of diet and breakfast in our videos:

There are even more breakfast ideas on our versatile theme page. And if you’re looking for more tips to help you lose weight, you’re sure to find them on our dietary topics page.

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