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pictures of birds with arms, fans of the letter G and more subreddits a little bit weird


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Reddit’s a whole world. The same thing you find subreddits (understanding them as if they were subforums) on super interesting topics and transcendental questions than subreddits like the ones we’re going to see today. Because of course, in a website that accumulates more than 430 million active users per month there has to be content for all tastesso you just have to dive into its infinite categories to find things that are good, speak for themselves.

From Xataka we are not responsible for the time you will waste this weekend seeing what can be found. Because you see, we understand that a subreddit full of fans or people eating oranges in the shower It may seem curious a priori, but that’s a good thing, because when you lift your eyes from the screen it’s already Monday and you discover that you’ve spent the whole weekend on Reddit. If you have any suggestion of subreddit, welcome it.

These are the Reddit administrators' favorite subreddits

Photos of birds with arms

Idk from r/birdswitharms

Indeed, the first subreddit we are concerned with today is r/BirdswithArms, a subreddit in which the good people of Reddit are engaged in photoshopping human arms on bird photos. He gives what he promises and proof of that is the 258,000 followers he has. Here the most voted in historyso you can start with the cream of the crop.

Trees that are bad at doing things

Trees suck at smiling from r/TreesSuckingAtThings

Well, no more and no less than the title says: are pictures of trees doing things wrong. For example, the picture you have above these lines is a tree that is very bad smiling. Here is a picture of a tree that does not know how to diet or a pair of trees that are very bad at rendering themselves. Don’t ask me, I’m just the messenger. Again, here are the best publications.

Fans fans

Huge Fan from r/fans

Do you think that lifetime electric fans are the best invention of mankind? Well, in r/fans you will find a lot of people who share your same passion for the blades and the fresh air. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, all for the enjoyment of true analogue ventilation enthusiasts. The most voted here.

I’m sorry, Jon.

The Bikini Bottom Horror: Part 8, Eight times the pain! from r/imsorryjon

I’ve been thinking about how to explain this subreddit for a while, but the truth is I can only tell you that they’re Garfield and SpongeBob comics brought to the most Dantean point you can imagine. It’s a little creepy, but at this point in the article we’re going to get exquisite. Here are the top rated publications.

Water flowing in perfect harmony

Back to the classic from r/WtWFotMJaJtRAtCaB

Pure visual ASMR. These are photos of water, milk and other fluids captured at the exact moment they fall on an object. Users’ favorites are photos of a water jet falling on the cap of a bottledon’t ask me why, but look, you already have one thing to prove this weekend. Here the best publications.

Fans of the letter G

gg from r/ggggg

For the followers of this subreddit there’s nothing better than the letter G. So much so that this subforum is full of photos in which the G is the absolute protagonist. Do you have any G’s at home? Then treat yourself and share this wonder of nature with all the users. The most voted, again, at this link.

People counting to infinity

3,895k Counting Thread from r/counting

Don’t you have anything to do this weekend? fun time counting to infinity with the 24,400 r/counting fans! Right now they should be close to 4,000,000. You know, you have to put the figure next to the one in the last comment, a fun, free activity for the whole family.

Survival tactics for a zombie attack

Perfection (UPDATED) from r/ZombieSurvivalTactics

In this subreddit, 13,200 people join together to discuss possible zombie attack strategies. I, personally, I wouldn’t trust too much. Firstly because zombies do not exist and secondly because if one of the most voted posts is a rocket launcher that fires power sawsbadly. The most voted, here.

Slices of bread stapled to trees

2nd time doing this from r/BreadStapledToTrees

There comes a time in life when you get so bored that you have to find a way to pass the time. The 280,000 fans of r/BreadStapledToTrees have found it by uploading photos of slices of bread stapled to tree trunks. There are three main rules in the subreddit: only bread, always stapled and only in trees. Here are the most voted posts.

Where’s the bottom?

What the lizard people don’t want you to see from r/Wheresthebottom

You know the conspiracy theories that say the Earth is flat? Well, wait till you read this. In r/Wheresthebottom they say that no one has ever been to the bottom of the ocean and therefore, there is no seafloor or bottom. Come on, that our planet is infinite downwards. Although there are some serious posts, most of them are pretty funny memes, so good. Around here the best.

Prohibited snacks

forbidden bacon from r/forbiddensnacks

In r/Forbiddensnacks people upload pictures of everyday objects that look like food, but they really aren’t or, failing that, they’re dangerous. If you ask me, my favorite is the forbidden shawarma. It’s a pretty active subreddit with almost 800,000 members and I admit that I do take a turn for a laugh now and then. Here’s the link to the most popular.

Is Eric wearing shorts today?

Exciting subreddit. In this subforum a certain ISpyM8 is reporting whether a certain Eric whether he wears shorts that day or not. 12,300 people are following the adventures of this Eric and now you can participate too. At the end of the month they make up to calendar marking the days when you’ve worn it and the days when you haven’t and celebrating the results with joy. You can see that Ideally, Eric would spend a month taking them. Curious as well as disturbing.

Bees in hats

Highly successful gentleman from r/RealBeesFakeTopHats

If pictures of birds with arms were enough for you, wait until you meet r/RealBeesFakeTopHats, a community of 106,000 members who are dedicated to photoshopping party hats into pictures of bees. I don’t get it either, but they have that I-know-what-me thing that makes pictures adorable. Here are the most popular.

Wolves eating watermelon

Posing with the bestie watermelon from r/WolvesWithWatermelons

Nothing more or less than the title says, a subreddit dedicated only and exclusively to pictures of wolves eating watermelon. 51,800 members enjoy this excellent collection of images every day, no joke. There are some pretty kooky pictures, but here are the most popular.

People who have paid for WinRAR

Believe it or not, there are people who have paid for WinRAR. These layered heroes gather at r/PaidForWinRAR, where they explain why they have done so. The most votedHe says he did it to impress a girl and that he didn’t impress her at all. To no one’s surprise, I might add. The most voted here.

Photos out of context

PIC from r/nocontextpics

Lovers of the randomHere’s your subreddit. In r/nocontextpics, users upload photos without explaining why they’ve been taken or what they’re trying to represent. The main rule of the subreddit is that all photos must be titled “PIC”, so it is the users who mount their corresponding movies. Very funny. In this link you have the most popular.

People eating oranges in the shower

big orange energy from r/ShowerOrange

And we came to the end with r/ShowerOrange, a community of people, and I quote, “dedicated to consumption of various citrus fruits while taking a shower“. They say it sounds weird (not at all), but give it a try and tell your experience. I don’t know, there are people for everything and proof of that are the most voted posts.

This article is part of a weekly section of Jose Garcia dedicated to approaching technology from a more relaxed, personal and informal point of view that we publish in Xataka every Saturday.

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