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7 methods to develop your child’s vocabulary


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When we are a parent, one of the highlights of our relationship with our child is when he / she says his / her first word. After having pronounced the first precious “daddy” and “mommy”, the child gradually learns to build his vocabulary. Parents and instructors then play a key role in this area.

Indeed, studies have shown that language proficiency is associated with several positive factors like happiness, friendship, family ties, academic success and a fulfilling professional career. But above all, having a rich vocabulary from an early age allows children to communicate very quickly with those around them and quickly build their own little world.

You should know that from birth to 2 years, a child learns on average 5,200 words. Then, in the third and fourth years of the child, his vocabulary is closely linked to his understanding of things, especially of what he reads. Here are 7 methods you can apply now to help your child in his linguistic discovery.

Books are very important for developing your baby’s language.

7. Reading

One of the activities that should not be overlooked as a parent is reading books to your child. Indeed, books offer an extraordinary opportunity for children to develop not only their vocabulary but also their imagination, and this method is effective from their first year.

Moreover, reading of a book also offers parents and children the opportunity to spend a special time together and, thus, to create links. You can then also chat with your child about the pictures, the story, the characters and their favorite stories.


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