A supportive and greedy initiative for fighters with smocks

barilla ABBRACCI
January 10, 2021

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A solidarity initiative by the Barilla group and in support of nurses and their families has redefined the concept of “embrace”.

barilla ABBRACCI
photo @ barilla.it

The Italian company, of which the Mulino Bianco brand belongs, has decided to finance the solidarity fund #WeWithNurses, established by the National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (FNOPI) to support the entire category. The initiative brought a special package of the famous “Abbracci” biscuits to supermarket shelves, a term that in this particular historical moment has taken on a new meaning. The solidarity campaign promoted by FNOPI and Barilla aims to reach the sum of two million euros, to be allocated to the care and support of nurses who are fighting against Covid, those who are in quarantine and to support the families of those who unfortunately they didn’t make it.

The “Hugs” for nurses fighting the virus

If you are looking for a pack of “Hugs” at the supermarket, you will probably find it with a new look. Mulino Bianco, in fact, has produced special packages dedicated to this initiative. The traditionally yellow packaging has been replaced by the blue one, which recalls the color of the nurses’ smock, a stethoscope also appears on the package and the word “hug” is used to express solidarity with the whole category “These hugs are for them”. Finally, the hashtag of the #NoiConGliInfermieri campaign, which aims to express the solidarity of the brand but also to send a message of awareness.


Of the 450,000 Italian nurses, over 50,000 have already contracted the virus, fighting on the front line since the beginning of the pandemic and sacrificing much of their private and professional lives. Unfortunately, more than 70 did not make it and died from the virus. Support for the whole category but also for families who have had to sacrifice themselves with them is a commendable project. How can we forget the image of the nurse from Brescia overcome by fatigue that has appeared in national and international newspapers as a symbol of the fight against Covid and of the sacrifices and resilience of healthcare personnel.

The Barilla group has already joined and started other initiatives during these months, in support of doctors but also of the categories most affected by the pandemic. Donations in cash and food products were made to Caritas, the Civil Protection and the intensive care of the Ospedale Maggiore in Parma.

This initiative joins the others at a time unfortunately still very difficult. The number of infections continues to grow around the world and there is no respite for the categories committed to fighting on the front lines against this common enemy.

barilla hugs the nurse initiative

What do you Unimamme think of this solidarity initiative for the heroes with the blue shirts?

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