Author: Nandini Roy Chowdhury

Nandini Roy Chowdhury has been a freelance writer for the last 10 years. She has successfully worked for many Websites & Blogs in her 10 long years of journey as a professional author. She has successfully made her clients happy with her adaptability.According to Nandini, punctuality and perseverance are the key-rule of life. This helps her stay focused on her work. She is an advocate by profession but she chose her passion for writing as a full-time career.She started writing as a ghost-writer from her early college days in Calcutta. It is important for an author to stay updated on the ever changing style of writing. She believes keeping herself open to all avenues of creative writing helps in achieving best results. Apart from writing she nurtures her passion for cooking and doing crafts whenever she needs to detoxify herself.