Beauty: Age spots, explanations and tips

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We often call them “age spots”. Lentigos are signs of aging that appear over time and often with the attacks of the sun.

Knowing them is good; knowing how to deal with it is even better. Lentigos are flat spots (you can’t spot them by touch). Their color can range from light red to dark brown and their surface is a few square millimeters; but they are often accompanied by smaller, white spots. These age spots appear more readily on surfaces often exposed to the sun: face, hands, décolleté. Unfortunately, these are also the most visible areas and age spots are the nightmares of flirtatious people. As a rule, this appearance occurs after quarantine, but it can happen earlier.

Dangerous or not?

By itself, lentigos are not a disease and are not dangerous. It is a simple disorganization of melanin in the skin, due to the repeated aggressions of the sun. It is however useful to watch them, because a cancerous lesion can develop from a lentigo. However, for the majority of people affected by lentigos, the disadvantages are only of an aesthetic nature. This discomfort can however be significant. It is therefore worth considering the best way to combat them.

Sun: compulsory protection

Sun protection is your first defense against age spots, as against skin aging in general, for that matter.

Attention, it is not a question of demonizing the sun: taking advantage of its rays is essential to the functioning of our body, it is the quantity of sun which can become bad for your skin. So, a good stroll by the sea on sunny days is yes; six hours of intense sunbathing is rather no, even with protection from the sun.

Cosmetic means

If the spots have already appeared, you can still fight. There are products, often based on fruit acids, which fight against lentigo. If this is not enough, there are also solutions from the order of aesthetic medicine, such as peels or dermabrasions. However, these do not guarantee that the lentigos will never return. Cosmetics can also provide an answer to lentigos; it offers foundations specializing in camouflage that are suitable even for mature skin.

Beauty: Age spots, explanations and tips

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