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Clear advance of Algerian women in the labor market


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The Minister of National Solidarity, Family and the Status of Women, Ghania Eddalia affirmed, Thursday, that the development plans had offered to the woman employment opportunities in various sectors in particular public, a presence which him made it possible to record a clear advance in the job market of 20.2% of all workers compared to previous years.

Eddalia, who is taking part in Tunis at the Regional Conference on Documentation and Strategic Planning on “Social Gender and Trade”, said that development plans in general and economic development in particular, “have offered to women employment opportunities in various sectors, notably the public sector, in the sense that its presence recorded a clear advance in the labor market of 20.2% of all workers, or 2,479,000 women workers out of a total of 12,298,000 million in the active category, compared to previous years when it represented only 5.2% of the workforce ”.

She added that the assistance mechanisms and devices “have contributed to the creation of jobs in several agencies, including those responsible for investment development (ANDI), small and medium-sized enterprises (ANDPME) and support for youth employment (ANSEJ) (17.20% of women are beneficiaries), as well as the Rural Development Fund and the National Unemployment Insurance Fund (CNAC) (17.60% of women beneficiaries).

In this regard, the Minister referred to the work of the National Microcredit Management Agency (ANGEM), which comes under the national solidarity sector, which allocated 525,877 credits opened since its creation in 2005 until December 31, 2018, stressing 846,555 women (more than 63%) benefited from it.

In parallel with these mechanisms, the Ministry of National Solidarity has worked to “promote and empower women for the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in the midst of women by intensifying awareness-raising action on its role in the economy via information caravans in all regions of the country, said the minister.

It is also, according to the Minister, to encourage women to engage in entrepreneurship and grant it training sessions on the acquisition of management capacities in this field, as well as to continue the programming and intensification of information and awareness-raising operations for the empowerment of women in the socio-economic field ”.

Under the theme “women create”, a national competition was instituted in 2016, for the benefit of women with projects and successful women entrepreneurs in recognition of their achievements and their distinguished creations, recalled Ms. Eddalia, clarifying that this competition also aimed to put in the spotlight these women considered as examples to follow, to allow them to widen their relational circuit and to give them the possibility of developing the network of work between them ”.

Recalling “the battery of projects that have benefited rural women since 2012 as part of a multisectoral program”, Ms. Eddalia explained that the producer family program enabled 3,078 families to benefit from this socioeconomic project in 2018 .

Given the “distinguished” skills demonstrated by women in different fields, the Minister of Solidarity described the Algerian woman “as an economic force, called to develop qualitatively and quantitatively despite certain obstacles to which” it would be appropriate to face and surpass them through awareness and support ”.

“The development and the blooming of our countries through the revitalization of the role of the economic and commercial woman is our common objective”, she supported.

The Minister seized her presence at this conference to reiterate, once again, “the special interest in the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for the involvement of all human resources, men and women, in achieving the economic development of the country ”.

“This program enshrined in the Constitution the principle of parity on the job market and the promotion of women to positions of responsibility and decision-making,” said Ms. Eddalia, emphasizing this important character ” adopted, in accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic regarding the implementation of national policies and strategies which take into account the approach to social gender in different fields ”.

The minister recommended to “coordinate and concert on a regular basis to arrive at solutions, to overcome the challenges and obstacles hindering the effective participation of women, to cogitate in the means of diversification and expansion of commercial activities from the qualitative point of view and geographic ”.

Also, she highlighted the imperative to exchange experiences, expertise and best practices, taking social gender into account in economic policies and trade agreements at regional level ”.

To conclude, Ms. Eddalia affirmed that “the establishment of partnerships between our countries and coordination within the framework of regional alliances is capable of reviving our economies towards growth, and of creating an economic and commercial dynamic based on participation of women in particular to achieve the 2030 SDGs ”.


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