Home Health Corona generic drug Favipiravir price Rs 59 per pill

Corona generic drug Favipiravir price Rs 59 per pill


Hetero Labs, part of the Hetero group, on Wednesday introduced Favipiravir generic drug used to treat Kovid-19. It has been launched in the market under the brand ‘Favivir’. City Status In a release issued by this pharmaceutical company, Hetero has received approval from the General Controller of Medicines of India (DCGI) to manufacture and market favipivir.

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Favivir is the second drug to be manufactured by the company after ‘Kovifor (Remedesivir) used in the treatment of Hetero’s Kovid-19. It is an anti-viral drug with positive medical results. A tablet of this generic drug Favivir of Hetero costs Rs 59 and Hetero Healthcare Limited is distributing and marketing it.

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The company release said that from July 29, this drug will be available at all retail drug stores and hospitals in the country. The sale of the medicine will be on the basis of doctor’s prescription only. The drug is being produced in a factory with a world-class formulation facility of the company, which has the approval of the USFDA of various countries as well as the respective pharmaceutical authorities of the European Union.


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