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Covid-19: Brazil leads research among Ibero-American nations


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(photo: Erasmo Salom
(photo: Erasmo Salomo / MS / Agencia Brasil)

Brazil leads the ranking of Ibero-American countries in research on the new coronavirus pandemic. The country what has more scientific articles on the subject and more institutions working on different aspects, from knowledge of the phenomenon to forms of prevention and treatment.

According to a survey by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), based on the scientific work PubMed, Brazilian scientists had published 833 articles this Monday (7/20). Next come Mexico (231), Colombia (157), Argentina (153), Chile (110) and Peru (76). In total, 1,478 investigations were mapped.

Brazil is the origin of the institutions with the most published works: Universidade de So Paulo (165), followed by Fundao Oswaldo Cruz (65), Federal University of Minas Gerais (51), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (50). Next comes the Technological University of Pereira (46), in Colombia.

The entity provides an observatory on the topic, updated in real time, which can be consulted on the internet.

When considered a network of institutional repositories of scientific articles in the region called LA Reference, Argentina has the most published work (131), followed by Peru (124), Brazil (45), Chile (33) and Costa Rica (19 ).

In the survey on this database, the universities of Rosrio, in Argentina (50), Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (42), Fundao Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile (33) stand out and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Investigations of Argentina (29).

For the coordinator of Cooperation Development at OEI-Brazil, Allan Torres, the Brazilian leadership shows the importance of the work done by researchers in the country on the subject at this exceptional moment.

“I think that shows the quality of our universities and the sense of urgency that they had in view of the seriousness with which covid-19 reached Brazil. Both Brazil and Ibero-Amrica show the value of their human capital, and the most interesting of all is the collaborative spirit ”, he says.


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