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Daily detox: 5 ingredients for detoxification in between


18.06.2020 – 11:31

Naturally Nadine
Detox every day? With these 5 foods you detoxify without effort!

A detox cure is totally expensive? It doesn't have to be, because you can easily integrate the five detoxifying ingredients into your everyday life.

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A detox cure is totally expensive? It doesn’t have to be, because you can easily integrate the five detoxifying ingredients into your everyday life.

You don’t have time for a detox? With these 5 ingredients you support your body in its daily detoxification. It’s very simple.

Detox cures are trendy! They come in the form of juice or soup cures, as fasting programmes, basic food and many other variations. That makes Detox in everyday life much easier than before. The main aim is to flush toxins, acids and waste products out of the body, which may have accumulated in the body over time due to an excess of unhealthy food, stimulants, environmental toxins and the like.

I personally am a friend of such cures, as they relieve the body and give time for cleansing and regeneration. At the same time, I am also of the opinion that even small detox measures in everyday life can do a lot for the body. In the following I have therefore listed a few Detox ingredients compiled for you, most of which you probably already have at home and which you can easily integrate into your daily nutrition can be integrated.

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5 basic foods for detox in everyday life

These foods have an alkaline, digestive or metabolic stimulating effect in the body and are thus supposed to support detoxification and bring the acid-base balance into balance.

Apple cider vinegar aids digestion

Apple vinegar is said to have a digestive effect and healthy digestion ensures that nutrients are properly utilized by the body and toxins are eliminated. In addition, apple vinegar – contrary to what one might think – is metabolized in the body in an alkaline way and at the same time supplies alkaline minerals such as potassium and magnesium. These properties have a positive effect on the acid-base balance. Furthermore, apple vinegar is said to regulate the blood sugar level and thus protect against ravenous appetite attacks. For example, prepare salad dressings with apple vinegar or drink a glass of still water with 1-2 teaspoons of apple vinegar and optionally a little honey before a meal or once a day. It is best to use naturally cloudy, unpasteurised, organic apple vinegar.

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Lemon is metabolized in the body as an alkaline

Although it tastes so sour, the lemon – similar to apple vinegar – has an alkaline effect on the body and thus balances the acid-base balance. At the same time the antioxidants contained in lemon have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect against free radicals.

In addition, citrus fruit is said to have a stimulating effect on the detoxification organs liver and kidney and last but not least, it is said to support the immune system, which of course plays a major role in the defence against harmful substances from food and the environment. For example, drink a glass of hot or cold water with the juice of one lemon a day. Use organic lemons at best and wash the lemon thoroughly before squeezing. By the way: just like the lemon, grapefruit also has an alkaline effect and is particularly stimulating for the liver due to the bitter substances it contains.

Cayenne pepper stimulates the metabolism

Cayenne pepper has a strong alkaline effect and at the same time aids digestion, stimulates the metabolism, protects the liver, is antioxidant and antibacterial and is therefore perfect as a detox ingredient. The reason for this is the micronutrients and active ingredients contained in the pungent spice, such as the pungent substance capsaicin, provitamin A and other carotenoids, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, cayenne pepper is said to promote fat metabolism and thus support weight loss.

It is drunk together with lemon as part of the so-called lemon juice cure – also known as Master Cleanse cure. A glass of water is drunk daily with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Cayenne pepper also works very well together with grapefruit juice and makes a great drink that promotes fat burning. You can also always season your meals with some cayenne pepper.

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Parsley has a blood cleansing effect

Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, which is the haemoglobin of the plants, so to speak, and therefore has a positive effect on the blood in the human body and is said to support blood purification, among other things. Parsley also contains many other micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which can neutralise acids in the body and help in the elimination of harmful substances.

In addition, parsley is said to stimulate the kidneys and bladder and thus promote detoxification processes. Eat parsley with your salad, in a smoothie or simply sprinkle it over your favourite dishes. By the way: other herbs, green salads and leafy vegetables also help your body to detoxify.

Water flushes out toxins

The ultimate detox agent is and remains water. Water acts as a solvent in the body, in which both nutrients and waste products are dissolved. The latter are washed out of the body by water as a means of transport. Water provides valuable basic minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which have a balancing effect on the acid-base balance.

At the same time, sufficient drinking stimulates the kidneys – one of the most important detoxification organs. Drink approx. 0.03 l of fluid per kilogram of body weight per day, preferably in the form of still mineral water, spring water or filtered water, to optimally hydrate the body and thus support the detoxification process.

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