Drivers who listen to energetic music take twice as much risk as others

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December 29, 2020

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A study carried out by seven Chinese laboratories and reported by Trax Magazine attests to the existence of a relationship between the number of road accidents and the type of music listened to by the driver before the collision.

Music over 120 BPM makes you want to drive fast and overtake more cars

This chinese study focuses on the “effect of listening on physiological state, mental work load and driving taking into account the driver’s temperament”. As part of this research, the researchers studied the behavior of sixty Chinese drivers on a simulator.

The researchers played them rock music at a rate greater than 120 beats per minute (BPM) and found that it had an impact on the conduct of the participants. Indeed, researchers have observed that drivers listening to music whose rhythm exceeds 120 BPM drive faster than their peers and tend to want to overtake other drivers more than usual.

If while listening to music below 120 BPM, drivers overtake other drivers about 70 times in 20 minutes, with music above 120 BPM the overshoot occurs 140 times in 20 minutes.

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shutterstock 771860347
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Rock, house, techno and terror should be avoided while driving

Although the study only looked at rock and not electronics, Trax Magazine and Konbini argue that since all electronic and techno music exceeds the 120 BPM threshold, this result would be applicable to these genres of music, whether house at 120 BPM to terror at 260 BPM.

This study therefore questions the real impact of music on our driving habits, especially since songs above 120 BPM generally increase the heart rate. Thus, prevention is better than cure and prefer slow or moderate songs when driving.

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