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Feminicide in Algeria: According to an expert, the application of the law protecting women is not followed


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Since the beginning of the year, until November 2020, no less than 43 feminicides have been recorded in Algeria, while the country has only five reception centers for women victims of violence.

Indeed, according to the doctoral student in anthropology and member of the Wassila Network, Saâdia Gacem, Algeria, which recorded at least 43 feminicides until November 2020, only has five reception centers for women victims of violence, mostly concentrated in Algiers and which are not adapted, do not welcome all women with their children, forbid admitted victims from leaving and confiscate their cell phones.

However, in 2015 Algeria had a law criminalizing violence against women. However, five years later, “there has not been a big change”, observed Saâdia Gacem, who judges that the modalities of application of this law have not followed.

“What is first positive in this law is that it names the violence and clearly condemns it. It also takes into account psychological violence. Then what is complicated is the forgiveness clause, ”Ms. Gacem explained to the daily Liberté.

For her, the woman, already weakened by violence, her economic situation, social and family pressures, often ends up “forgiving her torturer and coming back to live with him.” However, when a woman is given the opportunity to lodge a complaint, it is necessary, at that time, to set up a whole mechanism of emergency protection, socio-psychological support and comprehensive care ”.

Saâdia Gacem thus suggested “the possibility of calling a toll-free number, the police who come to pick up the victim to place him in an emergency reception center and then provide him with psychological assistance, a lawyer and of a social worker, these are the bases that exist in all countries and that we can adapt to our societies ”.

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