Good to know: 5 daily habits that cause sagging breasts

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Sagging breasts are inevitable. Having a baby and breastfeeding, for example, helps lower collagen, the tissue that makes the connection below the skin. Relaxation can also be due to heredity; if your mother had a hanging chest, you have a predisposition to have the same thing (thank you mom!)

Certain everyday behaviors that seem harmless can contribute to sagging breasts. Here are a few :

The yo-yo diets

Losing and gaining 5 pounds will probably have no impact, but if it’s 10 pounds or more, that’s another story. Each time you gain or lose weight, the breast tissue becomes more loose, like old leggings.

To smoke

Even your breasts cannot escape the damage of cigarettes. No matter how many cigarettes you smoke, it weakens your skin by decreasing the amount of blood that flows to the surface of the skin.

Do not put sunscreen

Exposing your face to UV rays without a protective layer of sunscreen can cause premature wrinkles. The same effect is felt on the chest from which the collagen is stretched.

Wear the wrong bra

Not wearing a bra that fits your chest is a major reason for sagging. The more your breasts swing, the more the skin that covers them stretches and relaxes.

Do sports intensively

Sport is undoubtedly good for health, but according to some research, repetitive movements can lead to sagging breast skin. This shouldn’t stop you from playing sports, but try to choose movements that won’t affect the elasticity of your skin.

Good to know: 5 daily habits that cause sagging breasts

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