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Harsh vardhan says need to spread awareness about hepatitis


Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan today said that hepatitis is a very common and serious disease in the country, but common people and healthcare providers have very little information about it, so it is very important to spread awareness about it. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, while addressing the ‘Empathy Conclave 2020’ program organized by the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences) and the Airports Authority of India on Tuesday on World Hepatitis Day, said that hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection victims There is a high risk of liver cancer and other serious liver diseases. Despite this, about 80 percent of people infected with hepatitis do not know that they are infected.

He said, “It is important to spread awareness about hepatitis and make people aware of it at the community level. Its only mantra is ‘talk, test and treat’ i.e. talk, examine and treat. I appeal to the industry, NGOs and other participants to help ILBS in this awareness campaign. I appeal to my colleagues to
Become the champion and ambassador of this ‘silent epidemic’, help spread awareness about hepatitis B and hepatitis C and help eliminate the maladies associated with this disease. “

While discussing the contribution of ILBS, the Health Minister said that ILBS is also an associate center of the World Health Organization. It also helped in the development of the National Viral Hepatitis Program, which was launched on 28 June 2018. It is the world’s largest program for the investigation and treatment of hepatitis B and hepatitis C.


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