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here is a curiosity when they are of different sex


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A recent study has identified a really interesting curiosity about twins, especially when a boy and a girl are born.

Gemini (source Pinterest @wattpad)
Gemini (source Pinterest @wattpad)

About twins there are many interesting legends that every mother, when she knows she is waiting for them, is curious to read them.

For many expectant women, finding out that they have twins so suddenly is a shock, especially with the unexpected news.

obviously having two babies on the way is quite different than having one just on which to focus your energies.

However, once born, all mothers who have had twins ensure that with a little commitment and a lot of patience you succeed in the enormous undertaking of managing both!

In a past article, since twins are such a curious topic, it was about how sensitive twins are especially when they are homozygous.

But a recent study, again in relation to twins, highlighted a really interesting trait when they are a boy and a girl.

But what did it turn out?

Gemini: Here is a really interesting curiosity when they are a boy and a girl

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Research was conducted by Dr. Krzysztof Karbownik of Northwestern University. The professor studied more than 13,717 twins born in Norway between 1967 and 1978.

What he noticed during his studies is truly exceptional, even if many may consider the research more a coincidence than a real scientific project.

Despite this, the doctor together with his team started from a very particular assumption, namely the fact that when a male and a female are conceived together, the female twin is exposed to more male hormones in the uterus.

The researchers then tried to understand how different amounts of hormones impacted the lives of twins of different sexes.

The professor, examining the aforementioned sample, observed that girls with a twin brother were less likely to graduate from high school or college. They also have fewer children and lower earnings up to the age of 30 than those born with a twin sister.

The differences found are minimal, around 10%, but this leaves room to assume that this characteristic may affect adult life.

However, this study is not the only one that has dealt with such a topic.

In fact, another research from 2007 highlighted how girls born with twin brothers are even 25% less likely to have children.

The observation assumed that the cause of this could be too much exposure to testosterone in the wombwhich would have damaged fertility.

In short, some really curious and interesting researches that make us reflect.

The source of the study is an essay from 2018:Evidence that prenatal testosterone transfer from male twins reduces the fertility and socioeconomic success of their female co-twins“, Aline Bütikofer, David N. Son, Krzysztof Karbownik et al, PNAS.

And you unimamme were aware of this study?


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