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Holiday with dog and children: advice from an expert


Going on vacation both with our dog and with our children is not a simple thing but it can be really beautiful.

Holiday with dog and children: expert advice | Universomamma.it (source: adobe)

Going on vacation with both our dog and our children is not easy but it can be really beautiful. provided, however, that all components are relaxed. Here are some valuable tips.


In an interview on babytrekking, Barbara, mother and dog instructor, gave valuable advice to be able to relax on vacation together. Together with Silvia Barbara manages a dog center in Milan where she helps families manage their dog in an appropriate and kind way. Here are some practical tips for managing your dog and your children on vacation such as games to offer to our children and dogs to do together

Tips for a holiday with your dog and children

dog kids advice
Holiday with dog and children: expert advice | Universomamma.it (source: adobe)

Some advice for a more relaxed start. Before leaving, a visit to the vet is essential, will check your health, provide any vaccinations necessary for our destination and will be able to give us other valuable advice.

In one bag of a dog can not miss can not miss

  • the health card that certifies its state of health and ownership
  • can not miss its cover or pillow where it usually sleeps
  • the bowl of water and food
  • the telephone number of our veterinarian
  • even on vacation we continue to keep it clean by brushing it regularly so that it does not dirty the room after returning from walks
  • we bring towels that we can only use with him

For a healthy and correct interaction between your children and the dog there are many games that can be played in the open air this will allow him to obtain a healthy and balanced relationship. You can use balls and carry-over games or, another important and fun game, the olfactory one, which among other things can involve the whole family: it is the search for a particular object or a person. According to Barbara it would not be wrong to be followed by an educator to get some advice on the most suitable recreational activities for your dog and your children and to help us manage the interaction between dogs and children and avoid unpleasant accidents.

A fundamental thing is dog education, an educated dog is a dog capable of behaving in various situations: from the simple daily walk to the most demanding journey. Education comes from the family through a path of knowledge and management of the dog that becomes part of the family in all respects and like the other components, must be included within a daily routine and be used to moving with them. If we travel by car the dog would be better to travel in the pet carrier and go to accustomed since childhood reserving a place of his own. When traveling for a long time it is better to make a couple of stops, especially if it is a puppy.


The journey by car it must be organized well in respect of his times and his needs, maybe it will become pleasant for him in this way. As for trains, ferries and airplanes, the discussion was a bit more complex and we covered it in another article Traveling with a dog in the family, car plane train or ship?

It always pays also book your place wherever we go, also in the restaurant, in order not to have surprises and maybe the restaurant owner will reserve us a table far from the others and our 4-legged friend will have more space for his cover and his bowl of water, which we will not fail to bring him. Even in these cases, you have to get used to the dog gradually before setting it up in a similar situation. Lately dogs can be taken everywhere, but to ensure that they are always well-liked we must commit ourselves to educating them to coexistence with our world.

In PET friendly hotels it is not allowed to bring our dogs to the restaurant, in this case you have to teach the dog to wait quiet in the room this can only happen if the dog already knows how to be alone at home. In this case, too, it is better to get used to it gradually, at the beginning we leave it alone in the room for only a few minutes. We can also use a kennel, our friend can rest. Before closing it in the room, however, let it vent a little in the open air.

Often dogs suffer from post-holiday posting, sometimes with real behavioral pathologies such asseparation anxiety. To prevent these problems it would be better not to completely alter the normal daily city routine: the best advice is to leave them a few hours alone even when you are on vacation. Even if you’re sorry.

If the holiday does not allow you to bring Fido the alternatives are the pension and the pet sitter.

Retirement. Before leaving the retired dog go and visit the facility and carefully evaluate the validity of the services offered, such as the assistance of a veterinarian. Again better gradually get used to it with insertion, how to do it with children at school and let them have their things that have familiar smells.

The best way to find a reliable person is to ask friends and neighbors, the vet. Even with the pet sitter it is better to schedule an insertion period.


holiday dog ​​kids advice
Holiday with dog and children: expert advice | Universomamma.it (source: adobe)

Dear unimamme after these tips are you ready to travel with your children and your faithful 4-legged friend?

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