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How to organize the bedroom of untidy children


How can you organize the children’s bedroom in a few steps? Just consider a few small tricks and you’re done.

Little girl fixing (unsplash source)

Cleaning up the bedroom is a big problem for all mothers. Not only because children never put in place when they play and use their toys, but also because over time there is a tendency to accumulate clothes and games that have not been used for some time. As we said earlier, old toys, according to a study, are not good for the health of the child.

Often these are held because they are fond of or to pass them on to the youngest child, but in case you did not fall into these two categories, then it has arrived the time to better organize the bedroom of your children.

Furthermore, all the little ones need of a large space to move and playespecially when they start growing. In order to avoid that they also occupy other parts of the house, it is advisable to provide as much space as possible in their bedroom, so that they use that for their solitary games and in company.

The room must become their reference point, without everything they own spreading across the rest of the house. Of course, it is easier said than done, but there are a number of methods that can be implemented to prevent even the other rooms become the children’s playroom.

How to organize the room: some surefire methods to keep your children’s room tidy

Toys (unsplash source)
Toys (unsplash source)

First of all it is good to start from the wardrobes. If you realize that they are full of clothes you no longer use it would be better to sort and donate, after having washed them thoroughly, those who have been out of use for some time.

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In case, however, you need to keep some clothes for the other child who is coming, then the advice is to organize everything in boxes and catalog them by age. So ch, and based on the years of the child, those preserved clothes are easily recovered.

Another very important thing that can be done when children grow up is that of select with them the toys they no longer use. It is necessary that the activity is carried out in a nice and fun way to prevent children from feeling stolen from their games.

Also here it is recommended to donate disused toys, but only after having washed them, above all the soft toys that more easily retain bacteria and mites.

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Chased by these actions, the bedroom will be more empty and easier to manage. But, as often happens, it is not enough simply to give away disused clothes and games. In fact, it is necessary for children to acquire a certain daily tidying routine.

So to make sure that the children themselves fix after playing, the first few times it would be good to show them how to do it and help them. Maybe using colored boxes or transparent containers, the children begin to understand where to place things and put them in order. In fact, a mother used colored buckets to make her children hate the room.

If everything is done initially in a fun and captivating way, the children will associate at that moment a positive and joyful feeling and they will want to put all their toys right.

In short, these are just a few simple and fast methods to order the children’s bedroom, but you can also act in other ways.

Order the room (unsplash source)
Order the room (unsplash source)

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And you Unimamme, what method did you find to keep those rooms of horrors in order?

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