January 8 is Massimo’s name day

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On January 8 the name day of who is called Massimo is celebrated. We discover the origin of the name and history of the saint remembered today.


Massimo, a very common name in Italy, derives from the Latin Maximus, superlative of magnus (big) which means, “maximum“, That is”the biggest one“. It is also the supercognomen (i.e. a second surname) of the important Roman families of Fabi and Valeri. This name was given to firstborn children or as a wish to be the oldest in their lifetime.

Who bears this name is a concrete, rational and direct person, very protective of those he loves.

Variants of the name:

  • Maximilian
  • Maximian
  • Massimillo
  • Maximin

THE symbols associated with the name are:

  • lucky number: 2
  • color: orange
  • stone: topaz
  • metal: copper

The Saint of the Day: San Massimo Bishop of Pavia

There are several dates on which the name day of who is called Massimo falls, May 29 and March 12 (actually Massimiliano), but the‘January 8 we celebrate San Massimo Bishop of Pavia.

Due to a transcription error in the episcopal list of the ancient city of Pavia, there are two Maximus, but, in reality, there is only one, mentioned twice.

Little news has come of his life. Maximum, Patron of Valencia, participates in several councils in Rome between the fifth and sixth centuries, is ambassador of Theodoric and died in Pavia in 514.


Unimamme, if you want to wish your child to be the “BIGGEST”, the name Massimo is the right one.

January 8 is Massimo’s name day

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