Just because you are successful at 15, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at 19: Rahul Dravid

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January 10, 2021

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“Experience is not playing more matches, experience is learning from matches you play. If you play 30 matches, but you don’t learn from them, it is playing the same match 30 times. In these experiences, there are opportunities to learn and memories to make. You may forget the scores, but not the memories of the laughs that you have with each other,” Rahul Dravid, one of the stalwarts of Indian cricket, says in this video.

“People often ask me what will take them to the next level. There is more to success that just practice. There is more to cricket: as you rise higher in any game, you realise that success is more about the mental side of it. At a younger age, those who are passionate may succeed more, but the difference will narrow down as you grow. Talent will become a pyramid where those who handle pressure better and are slightly more well rounded personalities will be those who will succeed.”

During the course of his career, the cricketer was hailed as ‘Mr Dependable’. “Just because you are successful at 15, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at 19. Just because you are successful at 19, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at 23. As you grow, those who handle pressure better will be more successful. If you are unable to perform well, you need to understand the reason behind it. You need to work on your mind.”

Virat Kohli has skills like other people, but he is mentally tougher than the rest and knows his game better. Knowing your game starts at a very early age. This is a learning that nobody can teach you, only you can learn it.”

Rahul Dravid is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of world cricket. Today is his 48th birthday.

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