Names for twins, which one to choose between the traditional ones and the more modern ones?

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What names to choose when twins are on the way? Here are the most beautiful alternatives between the names of the Italian tradition, the more modern and ethnic names.

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A child is always a great and beautiful adventure for new parents: then when two twins are born, joy but also commitment are multiplied.

If choosing the name for a single unborn child is a difficult and delicate task, when the unborn children become two – or even three! – for expectant parents an even more difficult choice is expected.

What names to choose for twins? However, the important thing is to choose names that you like and that they fully satisfy parents: the name will accompany the children throughout their life.

Here are combinations that can inspire both parents more attached to tradition than modern ones, or even those who want to give their children exotic names.

Names for twins, which to choose between modern, ethnic or classic?

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Many parents, among the most traditional, decide to give their twins on arrival names linked to tradition they are both boys, both girls or a boy and a girl.

The choice of assonant names is very widespread, that is names that sound good when pronounced together and that go well with each other.

Among the most common are: Filippo and Carlotta, Flavia and Fulvio, Davide and Diana, Edoardo and Ginevra, Michele and Miriana.

If instead the babies are on the way two little boys, then they could be called Giorgio and Giulio, Dante and Mauro, Pietro and Lorenzo, Elia and Francesco.

For sissies, instead of the very delicate and gentle names they can be Daphne and Irene, Sara and Sofia, Aurora and Luna, Virginia and Vittoria.

Foreign names, on the other hand, are increasingly loved by new geonitors which often come from the Far East or from the closest European countries.

Among the most used by parents are: Michael and Thomas, Renee and Raoul for boys; Jenny and Ginger, Frida and Lulù or Valerie and Violà for sissies.

For couples of twins of different sexeson the other hand, Renee and Charlotte, Simon and Tabitha or Jim and July are particularly loved.

Finally, the names for more modern twins are often taken from Greek and Latin antiquity or from the Solar System.

For boys names such as Aeneas, Noah, Evan or Elia are very popular, but also Eros, Achille and Demetrio. For sissies, on the other hand, Mia, Morgana, Veridiana or Zoe stand out but also Sveva and Athena.

And you Unimamme, what name would you give to two twins? What do you think?

Names for twins, which one to choose between the traditional ones and the more modern ones?

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