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NASA says ‘anomaly’ in Earth’s magnetic field is dividing


The Earth is home to life because there are favorable characteristics for it. The sun is at the right distance from the planet, there is an abundance of liquid water, but distributed to not cover the entire soil. In addition, we have a pleasant and dense atmosphere that protects us from radiation and the various dangers coming from space. However, the Earth’s shield is the magnetic field, it protects our atmosphere from charged particles that fly through space and that would otherwise tear it apart slowly.

The magnetic field has been something of great attention, due to the changes it has undergone and now scientists have observed very intriguing changes.

Earth's magnetic field anomaly image

Earth's magnetic field is dividing

Scientists who are investigating changes to the planet's shield have detected what they call a "flaw" in the Earth's magnetic shield. This characteristic is related to the South Atlantic Anomaly. The magnetic field is dividing!

This phenomenon, in the short term, could create a headache for companies that own and manage satellites, since the protection of their space equipment in this region would be reduced.

Illustration of the magnetic field of our planet through the eyes of NASA

What could happen to us in the long run?

Well, there are several possible theories, but in reality it is not clear what this division of the magnetic shield will mean for life on Earth.

Although scientists have known about this strange feature in the Earth's magnetic field for some time, it has only recently been noticed the gradual change. As such, the researchers believe that the "failure" is now dividing into two halves, which is puzzling scientists and asking exactly what is happening.

As can be seen in NASA images, observing changes in the magnetic field is one thing, but detecting the forces at work that are driving the change is a little different. Scientists have observed changes in magnetic patterns in the depths of the Earth and have found that there are some seriously strange things happening in the area immediately below the anomaly.

As the movement of the nucleus changes over time, due to complex geodynamic conditions within the nucleus and bordering the solid mantle above, the magnetic field fluctuates in space and time as well. These dynamic processes in the nucleus propagate to the magnetic field around the planet, thus generating SAA and other characteristics in the environment close to Earth - including the inclination and movement of the magnetic poles, which move over time.

Is life threatened by the evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly?

According to NASA researcher Weijia Kuang, the South Atlantic Anomaly that is being observed, can also be interpreted as a consequence of the weakening of the dominance of the dipole field in the region. A field with inverted polarity is growing in the South Atlantic region. Thus, in this area the magnetic field has a weak intensity, weaker than in the neighboring regions.

Scientists do not believe that the strange depression in the magnetic field will pose a threat to our planet's ability to sustain life. According to them, for this, a much more dramatic change in the Earth's magnetosphere would be necessary. Situation that could trigger events that would threaten our existence.

Meanwhile, scientists will continue to study the anomaly. The idea is to learn more about how the forces within our planet are affecting its magnetic field.

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