Nearly 200 Britons quarantined in Switzerland have reportedly fled

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Even though a new strain of the coronavirus worries the world, British tourists are said to have broken their quarantine in Switzerland on the night of December 26 to 27, 2020.

A new variant of the Covid from Great Britain

The appearance of a new strain of Covid-19 on British soil alarms public and health authorities around the world. If at this stage no certainty can be affirmed, it would seem that this variant is more infectious than the previous one.

This mutated virus would spread more easily. It was first detected in September 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the new virus could be up to 70% more transmissible than the old one.

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Non-compliance with quarantine measures by Anglo-Saxon tourists

The evolution of the health crisis in the United Kingdom then undermined the forecasts for the ski resort of Verbier in Switzerland. The latter has a habit of receiving each year an upscale British clientele representing about 20% of its turnover. Switzerland has imposed a ten-day quarantine on British holidaymakers.

On the night of December 26 to 27, 2020, around 200 of the 400 or so Anglo-Saxon tourists would have departed from these quarantine measures. The media were then inflamed to denounce the lack of civility in an extremely tense global health context.

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A huge misunderstanding or a flagrant lack of good citizenship?

Simon Wiget, director of the Verbier tourist office, however told France Info that it was a “Extrapolation […] perhaps linked to a misunderstanding ”. He also denounces – without a bad pun – a snowball effect of some rumors and a lot of things that are inflated in this pandemic situation. For our part, we have had no official information, neither from the hoteliers nor from the authorities, of a leak of these people, as the media suggests.. “ He ensures that the quarantine has been respected in its entirety, without denying possible deviations.

In addition, some vacationers have already completed their quarantine, which would have started on December 14; “This means that a lot of people, in the end, have already finished their quarantine. To which are added the people who returned in a completely correct way and those who are still in quarantine now. “ More than a large-scale lack of good citizenship, it would then be information that circulated (too) quickly and badly.

Nearly 200 Britons quarantined in Switzerland have reportedly fled

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