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rakshabandhan 2020 sweet recipes: know how to make market style kaju pista roll recipe or cashew pistachio rolls recipe in hindi


Rakshabandhan 2020 Recipes: The custom of sweetening the mouth during the festive season has been going on for centuries. Soon the festival of Rakshabandhan, a symbol of brotherly love, is also going to knock. In such a situation, all the sisters have started buying things of their brother’s choice from now on. But when it comes to sweetening the mouth, this time due to Corona virus, it has become a bit difficult for the sisters to buy their brother’s favorite sweets from outside shops. In such a situation, by removing your difficulty, you tell us how you can make this tasty sweet cashew pistachio roll at home. This dessert is so delicious that it will double the sweetness of your festival. So what is the delay, let us know what is the recipe for this.

Cashew Pistachio Roll Forming Materials
750 gms Cashew Nuts
300 grams Pistachio
800 grams sugar cubes
5 grams cardamom powder
Silver Leaf for Garnishing

Method of making cashew pistachio rolls
To make cashew pistachio rolls, first soak cashew nuts and blanch the pistachios and peel them off. Grind these two separately and make a paste. Then mix 650 grams of cashew and 150 grams of pistachios in the mixture. Cook both the mixture separately until the sugar dissolves and after that add cardamom powder. Remove it from the pan, make a sheet of cashew and pistachios and roll it through the center. Garnish with silver leaf and serve.



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