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Red wine would have a beneficial effect on your intestinal flora


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According to a study, red wine has a positive impact on your intestinal flora. It was by comparing the effects of red wine on this area of ​​the body with other alcohols that the team of researchers came to this observation. Back to this discovery.

An ally of the microbiota?

The study was published in August 2019 in the journal Gastroenterology. Scientific researchers from King’s College of London studied no less than 916 female twins in United Kingdom. They were interested in their alcohol consumption (beer, wine, cider, strong alcohols…) then in the various consequences that these liquids could have on the microbiota, very important for the balance of our organism. It would be one of the components of wine, the polyphenols present in the skin of the grapes, which would be beneficial for our health.

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After analyzing the results, the team of researchers noticed that bacterial diversity was much better in women who had consumed red wine. For other types of alcohol, no beneficial argument was withdrawn, with the exception of white wine, but in a very small proportion. The main author of the study, Caroline Le Roy, recalls the importance of a diversified microbiota: “The greater the diversity, the better it is for us, to prevent disease and better metabolize food.”

As a reminder, a bad intestinal flora can cause imbalances and affect the immune system. Also, it has a major impact on your weight, especially in the rapid rise of the latter or in the rise in cholesterol. Today, this study only represents a correlation and not a causality. So, we still cannot say that moderate consumption of red wine is beneficial for your intestinal flora. On the other hand, she is the initiator of a more than interesting track for researchers.

Alcohol remains an enemy for your health

As a reminder, alcohol is linked to 200 diseases. This can lead to cardiovascular issues, mental issues, and physical issues. To bolster the study’s results, the researchers analyzed two additional groups comprising a thousand participants from the United States and the Netherlands. Another group of twins, at United Kingdom, was also analyzed. Carrying out an experiment on a group of twins is very convenient for researchers because they are genetically identical. Thus, any difference observed is, in the great majority of cases, related to the environment.

Caroline Le Roy recalls that this study should not be interpreted as a call to drink wine. “You don’t have to drink red wine, and you don’t have to start drinking it if you don’t drink.” Moreover, according to her, it is not necessary to consume alcohol every day. Once or twice a week, a glass may be sufficient “to observe an effect on the microbiota”.


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