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Relief: Administration will give kit for fighting corona in home isolation for just Rs 1100


Corona infected no longer need to buy expensive kits at home isolation. Administration and Health Department have resolved this problem. The administration will provide a kit to the patients for just Rs 1100. Some medicines, including testing instruments, have also been included.

Till now, those who had gone into home isolation had to buy the kit themselves. This included digital thermometers or thermal scanners, BP and sugar measuring machines, pulse oximeters, masks, sanitizers and medicines. Only test instruments in the market were falling for minimum Rs 6150 and maximum Rs 9300. That is, their arbitrary prices are being collected at medical or surgical stores. Recently, the Health Department has started giving medicines kits for free. Now the administration will make the isolation kit available at cheaper prices. Its price will be only 1100 rupees. The kit includes all quick test equipment and vitamin pills. Now ivermectin medicine will also be included. This announcement has been made by DM.

Free medicines to patient and family
The Health Department has also developed a medicine kit for home isolates and their families. It contains hydrochloride, vitamin C-D, azithromycin, paracetamol, ivermectin and other medicines according to the symptoms. This kit is provided on the first day of isolation.

Official kit rates

1. Three Layer Mask 25 Nos 85
2. Pulse Oximeter 01 Nos. 755 Rs.
3. Digital Thermometer 01 Nos. 180 Rs.
4. Sodium hypochloride 01 liter 30 rupees
5. Vitamin-C Tablet 30 Nos. 40 Rs.
6. Vitamin-D Three 02 Sachet 10 Rupees

These are the market rates

Pulse Oximeter: – Rs 900 to 1600
BP machine: – 1600 rupees
Sugar machine: – 500 to 1200 rupees
Digital Thermometer: – 150 to 400 rupees
Thermal scanner: – 3000 to 4500 rupees

This officer says –
CMO Dr RC Pandey says that affordable kits and medicines are being given to those going to home isolation. They will also be able to use testing machines in future. The health department is providing medicines kits. I think no patient will have any problem now. We have centers for those who do not have their homes isolated.


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