schools closed in Europe after the Christmas holidays

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Covid emergency: schools closed in Europe after the Christmas holidays. The updated situation. covid schools closed europe

Covid emergency: schools closed in Europe – (Photo by Steven Weirather from Pixabay) reopening of schools has been postponed in many European countries after the end of the Christmas holidays due toCovid-19 emergency. Despite the restrictions adopted for the Christmas period throughout Europe, unfortunately the family meetings and even before the shopping for gifts, together with the gatherings in front of the clubs, have kept the contagion curve high.

The restrictions weren’t enough, in the i hospitalizations are increasing, as are the places occupied in intensive care.

In UK the English variant of the virus, much more contagious, is creating a dramatic situation, with infections of around 60 thousand per day and daily deaths that have exceeded one thousand.

To contain the infections, many European countries have the reopening of schools has been postponed, at least the secondary ones, as happened in some regions in Italy.

Covid emergency: schools closed in Europe

There is not only Italy in distance learning. If the high school have reopened today, Monday 11 January, 50% attendance in some Italian regions, in others the reopening of the institutions was even postponed to second half of the month or even in early February.

The regions, in fact, have taken different measures, depending on the spread of the infections in their territory, further postponing face-to-face lessons to high school, which are stopped from the end of October 2020, when the government reintroduced distance learning for these schools, due to the second wave of infections.

The Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina has fought for the reopening of the institutes, but without success. When the date of January 7 finally seemed to be that of the resumption of lessons in the presence, the regions adopted ordinances to postpone it, while the government postponed the reopening to Monday 11 January. A push and pull that irritated Italian families and disappointed those students who were hoping to return to school.

A problem that, however, is common to many others European countries that at the beginning of the new year they have the return of students to class has been postponed. Not just high school ones, but even elementary and middle school, in some cases. However, the situation is heterogeneous.

There Germany has closed all schools, including childhood ones, until January 31st. It is the European country with the longest closure. To make a comparison, with us in Italy only the high schools of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Calabria and Sicily will be closed until this date. While in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna they will reopen on 25 January. In some German Länder, however, the return to school will take place earlier. TO Berlin schools will gradually reopen as early as Monday 11 January. In other regions the primary schools will reopen part-time on January 18. The last grades of elementary school they might come back in class on January 25th. As reported The Local.

Another country that has closed all schools is the UK. Decision taken with the third lockdown adopted by the government on January 4th due to the dramatic increase in infections. Here all schools, from elementary to high school they will stay closed until mid-February. In the meantime, the lessons will take place with distance learning. The only exception is for vulnerable students and children of essential workers, such as that of healthcare, which instead will be able to go to class, as happened since the first lockdown. In the UK they were also exams canceled.

In Austria is back there distance learning from 7 January and also the Czech Republic will keep it until 22 January. As reported by theAgi agency.

There Croatia, the Slovenia, the Slovakia and the Russia they decided to extend the Christmas holidays until January 18th.

While in France and Belgium students of all types and grades, from elementary to high school, have returned regularly on the stalls on Monday 4th January. In these countries, kindergarten or nursery schools are also open.

Also in Portugal the face-to-face lessons resumed on January 4th and the government will not close schools, despite the reintroduction of a new lockdown.

In Spain the students are back in class after the Christmas break, the delays in the reopening of schools in some areas of the country were rather due to bad weather, with exceptional snowfalls in Madrid and its surroundings.

In Greece the nursery and primary schools have reopened today, Monday 11 January, after eight weeks of closure.

We also remember the report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità on the reopening of schools and the trend of infections in Italy.

covid schools closed
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What do you unimamme think of these school closures in Europe? Is it better to keep everything open, everything closed or alternate lessons in person and at a distance?

schools closed in Europe after the Christmas holidays

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