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Tea may offer some protection against brain decline


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When it comes to hot drinks, each of us has our preference. Some are used to coffee while others are tea subscribers. Precisely, a study reveals that the latter have an advantage over the former. According to scientists, regular tea drinkers are better protected from brain damage as they age.

Tea supports healthy cognitive function

Feng Lei, assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Yoong Loo Linn School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, as well as researchers from the University of Essex and the University of Cambridge published a study in the newspaper Aging. Their research does show that regular tea drinkers had better organized brain regions than non-tea drinkers.

“Our results offer the first evidence of tea’s positive contribution to brain structure and suggest that regular tea consumption has a protective effect against the decline in brain organization associated with aging,” Feng Lei said in remarks. reported by Futurity.

Tea decreases the risk of cognitive decline by 50%

Previous studies had already demonstrated the beneficial contributions of tea on human health. So, consuming green tea would facilitate visceral fat loss and would allow limit the risk of cancer. A longitudinal study carried out by Feng in 2017 actually showed that the elderly who drank tea daily had a 50% lower risk of experiencing cognitive decline. After this discovery, Feng and his team decided to take a closer look at the effect of tea on brain networks.

To do this, the research team conducted a study from 2015 to 2018 in which 36 adults aged 60 and over were recruited. The researchers gathered information about their health, lifestyle and psychological well-being. The participants also underwent neuropsychological tests as well as an MRI.

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Tea prevents disturbances in the brain

After analysis, the researchers found that participants who drank green tea, oolong tea, or black tea four times a week at least for about 25 years had well-structured brain regions.

“We have shown in our previous studies that tea drinkers have a better cognitive function compared to non-tea drinkers. Our current findings on the brain network indirectly corroborate our previous findings by showing that the positive effects of regular tea consumption are the result of better brain organization resulting from the prevention of disruption of connections between brain regions ”, declares Feng.

Researchers now plan to examine the effects of tea on cognitive decline and determine which bioactive compounds in tea play an active role in this process.


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