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What is family custody? How does it work? These are the most frequent questions that families ask themselves when they want to take care of a child.

Family foster care (unsplash source)

It is often mistakenly believed that foster a child or boy is a long and cumbersome procedure like that of adoption. In reality the timing is much faster and the custody experience is beautiful and exciting. In fact, this trip allows those who dive into it to feel like parents in a different way.

Many are the families in Italy who started thereand practices to welcome minors into their home who were living in the communities. Apparently i most recent data on how many kids have been fostered at the moment, date back to 2017 as confirmation Filomena Albano, at the head of the Guarantor Authority for Childhood and Adolescence, during his interview on The print:

“According to the Ministry report, at the end of 2017, children and young people in family foster care in Italy numbered 14,121 (since it does not count unaccompanied foreign minors); on the same date there were 12,892 minors admitted to residential services and communities: in total, therefore, 27,111 among children and young people. With high critical issues: the majority of minors accepted were aged between 15 and 17, while the time spent within the foster family or community is, once again in the majority of cases, high and exceeds 4 years , a time beyond which many cannot even return to their family of origin “

In short, the numbers are quite comforting, although it would be good to understand effectively from 2017 to today how things went.

Family foster care: everything you need to know about how it works

How the custody works (unsplash source)
How the custody works (unsplash source)

So since the data is so high it turns out that it is much easier to foster a child than to adopt it. In addition, all the families who have immersed themselves in this experience, tell it as a wonderful journey full of emotions which allowed them not only to get to know a new person, but also to create new dynamics within the family itself.

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So it is necessary to dissolve some aspects inherent to this. Although there are some news on foster care, as already addressed in another article. In any case, it is good to keep in mind what can and cannot be done.

For example, many believe that custody practices are long and difficult like those of adoption. Nothing could be more false: first of all during the custody does not intervene with the Juvenile Court, everything takes place with meetings of preparation and knowledge between the family and the minor during which all the necessary information will be provided.

Another myth to dispel refers the civil status of those who take care of the boy or child. It is not necessary to be married, the only requirement is the age of majority. For the rest you can be single, divorced, separated. Even as regards age, there is no limit, the important thing is to be able to ensure a peaceful and happy environment for the minor.

Furthermore also if you already have children, you can hire other children. Indeed, for these it can be a great way to fit better in the family, especially if the minors are of the same age.

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In addition to this then there are those who believe that foster care only works for young children, but in reality it is valid from 0 to 18 years. Indeed, adolescents are a more conspicuous number for foster care.

All families then, after finishing the paperwork, continue to be followed by social services who first ascertain the conditions of the minor and then come to the aid of families in case of difficulties.

obviously the custody has a limited time, as it is expected that the child or boy will be able to return to his family of origin and it lasts all the time necessary for the latter to prove that he can welcome the minor back home.

Consequently, custody is a very important practice that firstly it can help many children or children in difficulty and secondly it gives those who undertake the program the opportunity to do good to others.

Entrust (unsplash source)
Entrust (unsplash source)

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