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The baby shower for the expectant mother and ideas to make it unforgettable


The baby shower for the expectant mother is a traditional American holiday but which is now widely established in our country. Here are some ideas to make it unforgettable

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If you have also thought of organizing this party for the unborn child and the future mother, pay attention to the small details that will make your party memorable.

The baby shower for the future mothers and many ideas to make it happen

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Usually the baby shower is not organized by the expectant mother but from a relative or a friend of hers. Obviously, the closer the bond, the more you will be able to organize something that she really likes and that will remain in her heart. In case you are not so intimate, consult with her best friend or a person very close to her for useful suggestions.


First of all choose the theme: it could be for the baby or the future mother, usually for the baby shower pastel colors are chosen and if you already know the sex of the baby you will have a prevalence of blue or pink, but nothing prevents you from choosing a neutral color, especially for gifts, to prevent the expectant mother from being “flooded” with just one color.

Between gifts the most popular are certainly the personalized ones, such as rompers and pacifiers, handmade covers, memory albums or lucky ones such as the lucky shirt or gold and silver objects. But also the gifts for the future mother they will be very welcome and will not make you feel “neglected” during the party for your baby / toddler.

You do the invitations personalized and make sure you have membership. So prepare the buffet and the inevitable cake. Usually if the mother has not yet revealed the sex of the unborn child and decides to do it at the baby shower, the cake is left white or with a neutral color on the outside and then a pink or blue filling is chosen that will reveal the sex to the guests.


Organize gods funny Games. On the internet you will find many original ideas, here we propose some very funny ones.

  • The lottery for the child. Guests will have to make bets on the exact date and time of birth. When the mom gives birth, whoever organized the baby shower for the baby will send a message to the winner.
  • The taste test. Prepare jars of baby food with baby food or smoothies of different flavors. Who among the guests will be able to guess the most, will win a prize.
  • Competition of nursery rhymes. Test the preparation of the future mother on the knowledge of nursery rhymes and lullabies for children, which will come in very useful after birth. Maybe among the baby shower gifts there could be books of this kind.
  • DIY rompers: Prepare white rompers and fabric colors. Guests will have to decorate them in an original way. In addition to being a beautiful reminder of the day, the future mother will be able to dress her little one and take pictures to send to the “artists” who created the onesie.
  • The time capsule. This idea is always very fascinating. Have the guests write some cards, have some drawings made, or have each one bring an object that will be placed in the time capsule, to be opened when the child is old enough to appreciate the things that many years ago were enclosed in the box.


These are just a few ideas for your baby shower. If, on the other hand, you have thought of having a baby shower for both parents, here is an article that may interest you with many fun ideas and ideas.

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Did you unimamme get the baby shower? What memories do you have of that day?

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